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Tips to start a leasing heavy equipment business

Nowadays, leasing heavy equipment business is booming. It is gaining a strong hold in the competitive world of business because of its features. Most of us who are acquainted with constructional works want to have the equipment in good condition while at the same time don’t want to invest a huge sum in that. Do you too want to start a renting heavy equipment business? Don’t know how to start it? All the businessmen should work very hard along with little calculation to establish their business properly. Are you looking for some tips on how to start the business? Okay, just check out the following article.

Tips to start heavy equipment renting business

  • Put up with the distributors of equipment to get the prices of dealers on their constructional equipment. Most of the agreements include a form fill up where you have to give every information regarding your business. You have to hold with them for a specific period’s minimum purchase which can either be on an annual or one-time basis.
  • Get the coverage of insurance. Leasing equipment means taking the responsibility of the person who is going to rent the equipment from your company. You should have enough insurance coverage to help the person in case he is injured while using the equipment.
  • Write down the renting agreement. It should encompass a liability setting aside as well as the terms and conditions such as rental time, price and the returning condition of that equipment. You should also mention in your agreement form whether you are going to demand any money from the leasing person in case any damage occurs to the machine.
  • Before you set the leasing rates, look for the rates which other renting companies are offering. It will enable you to fetch the best price. Try to set the rate properly which should be neither too low nor too high to attract more customers.
  • Are you thinking how you are going to maintain the equipment? Just relax. Technicians are available in the market who can take care of your equipment. You only have to spend some money in hiring the technicians. Don’t forget to scrutiny all their documents properly to avoid any kind of problem in the future. Try to get a well-trained technician who can repair all types of damages efficiently.
  • At last, focus on building your inventory. Set in with a fine collection of famous rented heavy equipment such as concrete saws, front loaders, sand blasters, bulldozers and the like. Try to store as many equipment in your company as you can so as to provide the customers with a greater choice.

A good rule of thumb is to deal only with the sources which will be of financial help to you. But, that financing source must have worked at least as long as the lease term. And yes, get little picky when it comes to deal with the terms. Go ahead and flourish your business using the tips.

How to distinguish if you need a new undercarriage?

It is very important to know when you need a new undercarriage. Nearly 20 percent of the purchase price of the crawler is due to the undercarriage. While approximately 50percent of your repairing cost will be wasted in repairing it. From this data, you surely have a clear idea of how vital role undercarriage does play in maintaining the life of your equipment. Although wear cannot be bumped off, but getting the certified parts of the undercarriage makes it running strong.

When should one need a new undercarriage?

  • Idlers is also called “Track Tensioner” as it keeps the track in right angle. De-tracking, reduced stability, absence of track tension, loosening of wheel between mounting arms and accelerated track wear are the signs which show that the idler of the undercarriage is getting damage. This is the proper time of having a new undercarriage.
  • Rollers (another important part) are of two types- bottom rollers and upper rollers. Bottom rollers support the machine’s weight through the track. Whereas the upper rollers carry the chain in its proper angle. Grinding noises, oil leaking from the rollers, sudden sideways movement when the rollers starts to rotate are the signs that indicate the damage of your roller and you should get a new one.
  • Sprockets are used to transmit motion and act as a profiled wheel. When the tips of the sprocket looks like the waved caps, grinding noises comes out, the binding of the teeth to the sprocket centre worn down and complete tear out of the metal happens, then it is the time to change the sprocket of your undercarriage.

However, routine check of oil levels of the machine, greasing the parts of undercarriage properly and unobstructed the undercarriage from rocks and debris definitely keep the undercarriage in good condition for a long time.

How to select the standard undercarriage?

  • Weight of the machine:- The size of the undercarriage heavily depends on the weight of the machine(though this is not applicable in the case of crawler tractor).OEM applications having slow speed i.e.3.5mph or even less than that are best served by Hydraulic Excavator (HEX). On the other hand, applications with more than 3.5mph speed are best carried out by crawler tractor’s arrangements.
  • Application of the machine: – The distance of the track gauge should be at least 60 percent of the track’s length on the ground.
  • Desired life of the undercarriage: – The life of the undercarriage is decided by the normal and maximum speed operating, operating environment and the quality of the job function. If your machine works in a reverse direction for most of the time, the track should also be reversed for maximum life of the component.

To buff up your business, you should have an undercarriage that can withstand the wear and tear and empower your machine to face any kind of operational challenges. The above said points will definitely aid in lowering operating cost, prolonging service life and great value.




Characteristics of a good heavy equipment mechanic

Heavy construction equipment is that essential part of the construction business without which the very basic of the work would not be possible. Therefore, every construction business needs construction equipment to do their task. But the heavy workload and the tremendously hectic working schedule makes the equipment damaged quite frequently. This leads to the problem related to operating the equipment and thus the work at the construction site gets disturbed.

In such situation, what is needed to be done by the owner of the equipment is to hire a mechanic who is skilled and experienced in repairing the heavy construction equipment. The need of a skilled mechanic is not limited in case there is damage in the equipment; rather to maintain the efficiency of the equipment so that it offers maximum outcome, the equipment owners must have professional mechanics.

Factors to consider in a heavy construction equipment mechanic:

The owner of the equipment must be careful about the characteristics of the mechanic that he hires. They must include:

  • Ability to diagnose the problem:

The first and the most important factor that the mechanic must be able to do is diagnose the problem that is causing the equipment to trouble. The skill should be of the ultimate level so that he can recognise the problem by checking the apparent symptoms.

  • Skill to solve the problem:

Whether the problem with the equipment’s functioning is with the electric wires or with the hydraulic system or even with the fuel tank, identifying the problem will not be enough, if the mechanic cannot fix it fast. The longer the mechanic takes to diagnose the problem and providing a solution to fix the damage, the longer will be the time to stop the construction process.

  • Listening quality and charming nature:

Just as the doctor should listen to the patient, the mechanic should also listen to the problems and the difficulties that the owner has been facing. If the mechanic is stubborn and unwilling to listen to the owner, then it will lead to a delay in the diagnosis of the cause of the damage. As the owner of the equipment does not have any knowledge of the mechanism, it there might be several questions going on in the owner’s mind. Therefore, the mechanic should have a charming quality to relate to the owners.

  • Knowledge of the technology:

With every passing day, new technologies are being discovered in order to make the construction industry a revolutionary one. The mechanics should be aware of these technologies, software and various other features that can make the equipment functioning easier.

Without these qualities, no mechanic can be proven beneficial for servicing the equipment of your construction company. There are many mechanics that are skilled, but if they lack in the other qualities and facilities, then you will not be able to find a quick and effective solution for the damages done to your equipment. Even to maintain the efficiency and the performance of the equipment, then also you will need to hire a skilled mechanic.

Top Ten Models of Backhoe Loaders

Digital archetype has led many manufacturing companies gain a strong footing in this competitive market. In the moderate-sized market for backhoe loader, most of the construction equipment manufacturing businesses have sophisticated latest models to increase the finish quality and the outcome while being more economical on the investment on fuel.

Backhoe loaders with its emergence in 1970 have ruled the construction industry. Its variant designs by the engineers have also extends its application area. Earlier it was used mainly for digging, but now one can also use it for landscaping, small demolitions and the like.

List of Top Models of Backhoe Loaders

  • Model XT870:- This concrete machine can carry a load of upto 7300kg. The equipment’s characteristic shows that it can dig a maximum depth of 4496mm. It can run at a speed of 2200rpm generating a power of 74 KW.
  • Model 3CX Contractor: – It is an environment-friendly single backhoe loader which runs on a diesel engine of cooled 95a-turbocharged motor. The excavators comprises of ISO and technology of Easy Control on its 14’heavy lift on its edges.
  • Model H930C:– Hyundai Heavy Industries wrangled to build its latest backhoe loader to provide maximal performance to each operator with versatile preferences of machines.
  • Model 416F:- Combination of maximum comfort with flexibility definitely boosts up the productivity of the users. The upgraded hydraulic brakes and the structures of the backhoe swing make the operation in extreme and extensive site quite easy.
  • Model B100C:– These kinds of environment friendly loaders are used mainly in peopled areas. It is fitted with rubber pads which reduce the rate of damage caused to the ground while operating it.
  • Model WB93R-5:- It is one of the newest loaders in the backhoe series. The backhoe loader is user-friendly to give exclusive performance. Its add-ons cover a wide range. The model contains a bucket which has the capacity of 1.03 cubic meters.
  • Model XNWZ74180-2L: – Certified from CE ISO TUV, the model is designed with big tanks of oil and tires. Its pump is derived from PERMCO of USA. The converter transmission of hydraulic torque is driven on two wheels.
  • Model 766A:- The equipment is developed to work on a total power of 68KW.It can operate a maximum weight of 8100kg. The excavator attached to it has the maximal digging capacity of 4440m deep. The force of the bucket breakout of the loader is 58 kN.
  • Model Cukurova 88:– It gives a stable and safe steering on the highway with optimum distribution of weight. The loader also gives a solid platform to dig. The 600mm bucket is attached with powerful compact backhoe to give out highest output.
  • Model WZ30-25:- An impeccable and reliable Cummins engine is equipped with in this model. Four reverse and forward synchronised transmission of automatic shift with improved performance has popularised it. To increase the performance of the seal, the designers used a combination of sealed cylinders. Its driving option includes both 2-wheels and 4-wheels driving.


In conclusion, we can say that the future will prove the fact that all these innovative models of backhoe loaders have definitely provide many options to its users while increasing the business of the construction companies with its multiple uses.


Heavy equipment with ALS ice bucket challenge is not a good mix

For those of you, who are still unaware of the ALS ice bucket challenge let us first know what ALS actually is?

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis. It is neurological degenerative disease that progresses gradually, affecting the nerve cells of the brain and the spinal cord. There are motor neurons that run from our brain to our spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the rest of our body, and they help us to be able to control various movements. When due to this disease the motor neurons die our brain’s ability to commence muscle control is lost. Due to the loss of voluntary muscle action progressively lost with time, most patients in the later stages of the disease get completely paralyzed.

The recently popularized activity that has gone viral over the internet with videos of various actors, sports person and other celebrities and prominent people doing the ALS ice bucket challenge, has seen much media attention and has now spread throughout the world.

The ice bucket challenge simply refers to the activity of dumping a bucketful of icy cold water on a person’s head to promote awareness for the aforementioned disease, and to encourage people to donate for its research and treatment. It reached peak popularity or went viral as is popularly said these days, over the internet through various social media such as YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc. during July to August of 2014.

Do heavy equipment and the ALS ice bucket challenge mix well?

As we have seen a number of videos throughout the web, the ice bucket challenge does not mix well when done with heavy equipment. As it is sites with extensive usage of heavy equipment demand full attention of the users as well as they have to take various safety measures that are stated by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) departments.

Various rumors have spread throughout the internet claiming that a teenager might have lost his life while attempting to do the ice bucket challenge accompanied by heavy machinery. While allegedly some of these videos have been proven to be faked as a practical joke by various twitter and other social media users, some of them stand to be true.

We can find a number of videos involving iced water put in cranes and diggers that are being used by various people to get extra attention to their ice bucket challenge videos. But as we can see later on in those videos that some of have failed horribly and can be seen to be heavily injured. Although not all of them have been proved to be true, it is a possibility that some of the disastrous events that take place in them might actually happen. All types of heavy equipment and construction machinery need to be treated with utmost carefulness and should not be used to pull out such videos.

Needless to say a huge heavy construction machine full of ice water dumped on a person could lead to hypothermia or shock after being exposed to such low temperature water. It was reported in July that a man in Germany was crushed under construction site heavy equipment leading to his untimely death and also led to injuries of others around him.

Thus, it is safe to conclude that heavy equipment should not be mixed with the ALS ice bucket challenge as it poses to a huge threat to the lives of the people doing so.




The Latest Excavators Of Asia Are Ruling The Construction World

After the manufacturing of the latest excavators in Asia and its landing in the global market, a friendly business deal has smacked between CNH industrial and Sumitomo Construction Machinery.

Korea was the first country to evolve Hyundai R430LC-9A, which is a European unit. It was an excavator of class crawler type whose weight is 43 tonnes. It perfectly bridged the wide gap in the gamut of Hyundai beginning from 38 tonne R380LC-9A to 48 tonne R480LC-9A.

A critical study on Asian Excavators

Finland was the country which purchased the first unit of excavator from Soumen Telakone and is now able to dig out the heavy rocks with ease, as the getaway force of the equipment is 20,411 kg. The Cummins QSL9-Tier4 Interim/Stage IIIB engine of R430LC-9A provides a measured power of 231kw to give out. To increase the speed of the engines, the power utilizes the fuel in Xtra-High Pressure Injection system to carry out a continuous gush of condensed fuel across every engine. The operator can pick up any of the three available working modes-S for Standard, P for Power and E for Economy. This selection of working mode is invariably dependent on the type of job to be accomplished. It is known as Computer Aided Power Optimization and this system was present in the previous models of 9A series.

The three recent models of excavators of the E-series of Liu Gong attract the attention of every heavy equipment user. The updated models of the excavators 922LC and 925LC are 922E and 925E respectively. Among these models, 930 is the brand new one which has just knocked the doors of the construction industries.

The functional weight of 922E excavator is approx.22 tonnes with a digging capability of 6595mm. The weight of 925E is 25.5 tonnes and can make an underground passage of 6925mm. The excavator 630E weighs 31.3 tonnes whose highest depth of digging is 7300mm.

Construction experts prefer 922E to 922LC because the former has 8% more fuel efficiency and can dig grounds at least 5% better than the later one. Liu Gong has designed these machines with six working modes namely Fine, Power, Lifting, Breaker, Attachment and Economy. These excavators also contain automatic fluctuation of two-way velocity which enables the operators to switch to fast mode in normal ground conditions and slow mode when the equipment is working on rocky surface.

The new excavators are installed with Yanmar engines along with integrated Flow Pump System. This integrated pump system makes use of the technology of triple-oil pump for constant travel, enhancing the performance of digging and loading. Apart from these, the other exciting characteristics are the inclusion of a perfectly designed dozer blade to minimize the over-spill while levelling and a sound balanced operation for digging along the wall boundaries and trenches.

No doubt, these excavators of latest design from the Asian countries are ruling the construction field making the work smoother and easier. But while choosing the excavator of your need demands for a complete understanding of all the job requirements which you are planning to carry on with these modern excavators.

Bridge Crane Operator – Know Job Duties and Errands

Due to the rapid development of the construction industry all over the world, it is obvious that a huge percentage of teenagers now prefer to pursue their career in construction companies. In today’s world, often you can see that the construction firms are recruiting a large number of crane operators for accomplishing their construction site projects.

Bridge crane operator is one of the common vacancies in the list of construction companies. A bridge crane operator is generally employed by the heavy equipment manufacturing companies and construction firms to carry bulky industrial apparatus from one place to another. To become a skilled bridge crane worker, it is significant to take practical training classes on the job construction sites. In heavy construction equipment industry, they are also recognized as overhead crane machinists. There are some states that claim NCCCO certificate from the job seekers during the recruitment procedure whereas there are some regions where the construction companies directly hire the deserving candidates without asking for the NCCCO certificate.

Responsibilities of Overhead Crane Operator

The main errand of a bridge crane operator is to control the bridge crane in proper manner and transfer weight paraphernalia and people from one place to another. You can see this type of crane particularly in the industrial areas like in loading ports, construction sites, and warehouse units and so on. Normally, the working hours of the bridge crane workers are eight hours but during the abnormal climatic condition, they have to work over time. In comparison to the old dated cranes, modern bridge cranes are available with the runaway attachment that helps the operator to convey the equipment safely. If you take admission in any heavy equipment training school, it will teach you the exact method of stacking, loading, unloading and moving the materials with the help of overhead crane. As a bridge crane operator, you should know the skill of weighing loads, observing the working condition of the bridge crane and controlling the cargo while moving it.

Usually, the work of the bridge crane operator is fixed in a particular place. They even have to work in an open area with a small cabin sized room from here they have to manage the over bulky load. Sometime even they have to run the crane in overcrowded spaces.

Training Require to Become an Overhead Crane Operator

If you want to pursue your career as a bridge crane operator, it is essential to complete the high school diploma course. In addition to this, if you want to get better jobs in crane operating field, it is advisable to do the apprenticeship courses from the Government registered institutes that are mostly offered by the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE). In US, most of the cities and states ask for the license from the candidates who are selected for the post of bridge crane operator. National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) provides certificate to the trainees who completed the bridge crane operation programme properly by passing the written, practical and physical exams.

As this web page, nears the bottom, surely you will get interest to become a bridge crane operator because it is one of the challenging tasks in the construction industry. But before you go for the interview, it is better to attain detailed information about the errands of the overhead crane machinists.


Heavy Equipment Maintenance- Corrective Vs Preventative

There can absolutely be no doubt about the fact that the heavy construction equipment forms an important part of the construction industry. It is on them that the successful and smooth completion of the construction deadline depends. It is, therefore, quite obvious that maintenance of these heavy equipment holds an important position in the entire business.

The Corrective and the Preventative Modes of Maintenance

The hectic schedule of the construction arena often leads the construction workers to overlook the maintenance factor. However, that is one important aspect of the arena that people simply cannot afford to overlook. The mode of maintenance of construction equipment can be basically grouped under two heads- the corrective maintenance mode and the preventative maintenance mode.

Deemed as being one of the most popular and common approaches towards the maintenance of heavy equipment, the corrective maintenance works towards the restoration of the equipment in its original operative condition by resolving the equipment failure. The preventative maintenance approach, on the other hand, focuses on preventing the heavy equipment from further breakdowns. This approach has been deemed to be the best way of going about heavy equipment maintenance by experts. By opting for regular investigations and thorough check up, you can ensure the long-term well being of your heavy equipment.

The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Measures for Heavy Equipment

The preventative mode of maintenance has been deemed to be the best approach when it comes to the maintenance of heavy equipment. Not only does it detect the flaws in heavy equipment but also saves construction companies a lot of money that would have otherwise gone in the damage control operations of the heavy equipment. The entire preventative maintenance scheme has a number of advantages to speak of.

  • Not only does the preventative maintenance approach prove to be friendly economically, but it also adds to the value of the heavy construction equipment quite drastically.
  • Preventative mode of maintenance also serves to increase the heavy equipment uptime along with acting as an inhibitor in their breakdown.
  • The preventative measures along with adding life to the heavy construction equipment also enhances utilization on the part of the workers.
  • By opting for the preventative maintenance measures, you can ensure the safety and security of those workers who are directly involved with the operation of heavy equipment. And then there is the fact that this measure also contributes a great deal to the quality of the work.
  • And last but not the least; breakdown of heavy equipment and repairing it involves a lot of paperwork. By opting for the preventative measures of maintenance for your heavy equipment, you will be able to witness a significant reduction in the paperwork.

The smooth operation of a construction site is directly proportional to the smooth working of the heavy construction equipment. And going for preventive maintenance measures is definitely one of the best ways to ensure that you have an equipment that is in perfect working condition.


Sometimes, due to many reasons people cannot manage to purchase some necessary items. Well, to run a construction site properly is not a matter of joke. You need to buy suitable and essential machineries for your site. Such machines are highly expensive. Thereby, it just becomes a question that whether you can afford a big amount to buy such equipment or not. Most of the time, at the beginning, people cannot manage to pay such a big amount as they have to stick to the budget. At that time, it is good to go with the used things. It is not a bad idea to buy second hand equipment. You have to pay less and definitely get great usages from such equipment. In fact, you can manage to buy a lot of parts of machines within your fixed budget.

  • As people are continuously facing the global crisis, it has become impossible to spend too much money on some necessary items. In case of small business, they completely depend on their fixed budget. Hence, they have to buy used heavy equipment and serve their works through such machines. Used heavy equipment can provide you amazing services. In fact, there is another way out for you as well. You can rent the required equipment for your site for some days. Many big companies are also facing the crisis for last few years. To maintain their balance they rely on the renting service. It will help you to do your work within your budget.


  • Some land owners find it as the smartest way to save money. Well, it is actually true because you will get many used heavy equipment and also its different attachments such as backhoes, tractors and skid steer loaders within a very low price. If there is any damage in the equipment then you can repair it. However, it can work twenty four hours and give you the best service.



  • Well, you have to find out some places from where you can buy heavy machineries at cheap or reasonable price. You can search internet to find out the names of such companies. In fact you can ask some of your friends or relatives. They can definitely help you to get the detail information of such places. You can visit some local dealers; they can also guide you and give you an idea about such cases. Sometimes, some people call auction to sell their equipment. This is one of the best places to buy used equipment.


  • Well, it is also important to verify the machine properly that whether you can work with it or not. If it is not in good condition then you shouldn’t waste your money on it. Inspecting a machine properly is highly especially when you are going to buy it. You can definitely check its different parts to see whether it can perform well or not.

These are the few tips that you need to follow before buying heavy equipment at cheap price.

The New Case Construction S Series Multi Fit Coupler

If you are in the industry of construction, you are probably not unfamiliar with the name CASE Construction Equipment. They have developed some new designs that are slowly proving to be a ground breaking discovery in this industry. This introduction goes by the name CASE S Series Multi fit Coupler. The use of the coupler system enables the contractors to get the hydraulic excavators transformed into multi tool carriers. These carriers have the capability of executing several important tasks from the comfort of the cab. It is a genuine coupler with a twin locking system and it is completely automatic. The hydraulic coupler is very light and also much safer as compared other couplers that are found in the market.

One of the best aspects of the coupler is its design which is strong and light at the same time. Materials that are used in making the coupler of steel cast that are very strong. If you compare it to the other brand in the market, you will see that the coupler is lighter than the others by almost twenty percent. Therefore, you can expect improved performance of the machine as well as very easy maneuverability. The CASE S Series Multi fit Coupler has been designed in a manner that makes it highly versatile. You can work with it in face shovel as well as backhoe positions. The swing radius is also very large that enhances the power of lifting and digging.

Another good part is that not only is it sturdy and strong, it is also an equipment that is very safe to handle. You will be able to avoid the attachments to be released inadvertently as there are two mechanical locks that work independently in the system. In this way you can avoid severe damages or any sort of harm to the operators or environment. If you face a power loss or a hydraulic failure, the rear as well as the front attachments would be secured by the system. Therefore, extra precaution has been taken in the design of the equipment so that you can get additional operator safety. There is an Automatic Blocking System that has been uniquely patented. This helps the operator to visually conform that front and the rear end has been locked. The coupler cylinder also comes with check valves along with a solenoid valve so that retention of the pressure is possible in case there is a failure in the hydraulic hose.

If you are in the construction industry, it is highly recommended that you go for the newly developed CASE Construction S Series Multi fit Coupler. Some of the most excellent features of the equipment is that it is entirely automatic along with a quick hydraulic coupler that has a twin locking system. The steel cast tensile materials that are sued for making this equipment makes it very strong and durable. Although, the equipment is strong and hard, it is not heavy at all. Therefore, it is very easy to handle and quite safe for the operators.