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Have some anti-theft measurements for your heavy construction equipment and be relaxed

Heavy construction equipments are very much in demand in the recent era. They are the basic requirements for any construction work taking place all over the world. However, the extremely high price of these equipments makes the construction equipment subject to theft. If you are afraid of a theft of any part of your construction equipment, then taking some anti-theft prevention in favor your machine is very helpful and mandatory as well. When you think of the anti-theft measurements, there are either too many confusing devices, techniques that confuse the owner, or the owner becomes very threatened of the situation that he fails to follow the simple way outs. Here are some simple tips that can help any owner from having to lose his heavy construction equipment.

  1. When a part of your equipment gets stolen, most of the time it is brought to the manufacturer or a dealer of heavy construction equipment for repairing or servicing the part. So, if you inform the manufacturer or dealer of the equipment about the theft, it is possible that you will get to find it soon. So, if you face a theft, you must contact the manufacturer immediately after informing the police, so that the manufacturer can go through their stolen equipment servicing database and contact you.
  2. Inscribe your name, company name and phone number on the parts of the equipment, especially on the boom, bucket, engine, frame and the other parts of the equipment. Painting the names would also work, but painted names can be easily removed. So if you inscribe your contact details, it would be easier for the police to find the owner once they get the thieves finding difficulty in selling the equipments due to the inscription. As a result of this, the thieves will avoid stealing such equipments.
  3. To make sure that nobody can drive away your heavy construction equipment, you can weld a rectangular piece of steel plate on to the rim of the wheels. When you use the locking wheel lug nuts, this steel plate will work as a lock and no one can drive away your construction equipment.
  4. Installing the newly developed ignition key system is another excellent way of managing the safety and security of the heavy construction equipment. As the ignition key is a magnetic key system, without the unique code, the equipment cannot be accessed. The codes can be the same for every part of the equipment, or it can be different for different parts.
  5. A very helpful way of preventing the theft of the heavy construction equipments is to install a theft recovery device. This is a very sophisticated device that helps the owner find easily where the equipment is lying. When the device is equipped with a theft recovery device, unless and until the thief is technologically very sound, the equipment can be recovered within a few hours of the theft.

Increase the Life of Your Heavy Equipment- Go for Oil Analysis

That the use of heavy equipment is mandatory for the success of a construction project is a fact that cannot be denied in any way. Being in charge of the construction industry almost always equals to dealing with heavy construction equipment. And dealing with heavy construction equipment comes hand in hand with maintenance and safety issues which cannot be overlooked. Oil analysis has been found to be one of the many ways in which could proceed towards this goal.

What Is Oil Analysis All About?

So, the very first thing that must come to your mind is what is oil analysis all about? Broadly speaking, oil analysis refers to the test conducted on the properties of a lubricant in a laboratory. A part of preventive maintenance measures, oil analysis has been proved to be helpful in a number of ways. The entire process is carried out in three different stages, viz, analysis of the various properties of the oil, analysis of the contaminants and analysis of the debris from the equipment accumulating out of wear and tear.

Oil Analysis and the Heavy Equipment

The entire oil analysis procedure has been found to be quite useful for maintenance of heavy equipment. One cannot deny the fact that maintenance plays a key role in determining how long particular heavy equipment will survive. And oil analysis helps construction site owners do exactly that. It helps them in determining what is best for their heavy equipment thus, increasing its longevity.

Machine Conditioning Monitoring has emerged as one of the latest trends in the entire heavy equipment maintenance affair. Based on oil analysis, this system, though not compulsory, has been found to hold a significant position nonetheless. Heavy equipment go through a lot in the entire construction business. It is the heavy equipment that are exposed to extreme working conditions, going through all the rough patches in order to complete a construction project on time. In such a situation, oil analysis can emerge as a significant contributor to the entire maintenance procedure of the equipment and increase its longevity.

An effective oil analysis can prove to be of great help in not only determining the assets of the construction equipment, but also prove to be significant in putting a leash on abrupt failures, increasing both productivity and longevity. Oil analysis takes aspects, such as, viscosity, water, fuel dilution, soot, wear metals and the like into account for its purpose. This is important, as it is this procedure that will help determine the next step that is to be taken in the entire maintenance procedure.

It therefore, would not be wrong to conclude that the oil analysis does prove to be an important factor in the entire maintenance procedure of heavy equipment. Not only does it ensure the optimal utilisation of the equipment but also adds to the entire longevity factor of the equipment.

Top 10 Models of Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is an excellent tractor which finds its application for construction and building purposes. They have different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the user. Here are top 10 models of wheel loader.

521F-The CASE 521F is provided with 4-tier technology engine that combines comfort, adaptability, and superior service. It is extremely beneficial to the operator for being fuel efficient and fast speed. The service costs are also low due to simple SCR design which makes it easy to maintain.

1221F-This is the perfect model which can move large quantities of materials. It combines power, control and productivity. It is a powerful heavy equipment which has tier 4 technology of engine installed in it which makes its operators to use for longer duration and consume minimum fuel. It also has power shift transmissions which permits the operator to set the shift transmission according to the needs for a particular application.

990K-This model of wheel loader has proven unique features and finds its application as one of the finest tool for loading. This version has Tier 2 EPA technology and is powered by ACERT technology which makes it very productive by consuming less fuel. The speed of the engine is lesser which helps in saving fuel.

HL760-9-It is very fuel-efficient heavy equipment. This model of wheel loader has three forms such as Power, Standard and Econo. One unique feature of this model is that it has an advanced color visual display with 5.7 inch LCD for the user to operate the machine easily by reducing the glare.

JCB 411-This 411JCB model is equipped with tier 4i technology of engines which makes it fuel-efficient. It also has operator cabs that are large in size and it also has a remote monitoring system. The JCB live link technology enables engine information to be accessed from distance.

JCB 416-It also 4i tier technology engine which helps in reducing fuel costs. It is very economical and does not require diesel oxidation, expensive diesel filter. Its speed is regulated by a viscous engine fan situated in the machine.

ZW 180–5-It is designed to give top class productivity and comfort to the users. The machine has a relaxing cab which is user friendly and can be controlled easily. The features of the machine make it easy to maintain. It is safe and sustainable and does not have harmful discharge complying with the EU rules of emission standards.

L330C-It is a good model which is extremely fuel efficient and comfortable to the operators. It is equipped with an alternator and a water pump.

L30B-This is top model of wheel loader which has innovative design, immense driving comfort and versatility. It has an electronic service which makes it to maintain easily.

L35B-It is an excellent model of wheel loader which has great power and stability owing to the computer aided design. It is long lasting and can be moved easily. It also comprises a comfortable cab and slender doorposts for all-round visibility.


Choose Preeminent and Cost Effective Demolition Excavator for Your Construction Site

Demolition is the known terminology among contractors and construction business owners because it refers to the destruction of a structure or edifice to construct a new building for a novel purpose. Due to the varying size and structure of the buildings different types of demolition excavators are utilised. Whether it is an old edifice or interstate viaduct, a locked plant or unused water tower – the financial side of demolition assignment basically counts on the selection of demolition excavator.

As the use of demolition excavators increases in past few years, scores of heavy equipment manufacturing companies are proffering multi talented demolition excavators that have the capability to obliterate any size of building or structure. The marvellous mechanical designs and long-lasting components assure optimal advantage in every phase of demolition. Usually, if you buy a demolition excavator from a well-renowned excavator manufacturing firm, you will surely get loads of attachment tools with it. Long reach excavator or demolition excavator is considered as the best substitute of wrecking ball. You don’t know it yet but at the end of this web page, you will have learned that if you choose the best demolition excavator, definitely it will help you in saving your money.

Top Rated Demolition Excavators

Though the process of demolition vary from one construction site to another due to the difference in the building size, but the modern demolition excavators have the ability to destruct varied size edifices easily because these are available with various attachment tools like sledge hammer, explosives, bulldozer, crowbar, excavator etc. If you are hunting for the best demolition excavator, read every word of the following points attentively:

  • W345BMH is one of the top listed demolition excavator manufactured by Caterpillar Company. This excavator is available with several attachments such as high rise cab, auxiliary hydraulics, and one piece boom and so on.
  • Another demolition excavator that falls under the top ten lists is MX447HDR. It is manufactured by Exodus Heavy Construction Equipment manufacturing concern. This excavator is obtainable with rear-view camera, material handler arrangement, cab riser and air conditioner. Its condition level grade is 5.
  • In addition to above two top rated high reach excavators, ZX450LC ultra high demolition excavator is the model of Hitachi heavy equipment manufacturing company. Its unit number is EO1127MC and engine power capacity is 350hp. If the customers desire to attach pulveriser with this excavator, they are required to pay extra cost.

Benefits of High Reach Demolition Excavators

Generally, demolition excavators are used in those industrial units where it is not possible to use explosives to demolish the buildings. In comparison to the wrecking balls, the competence of the long reach or high reach demolition excavators is much better. The contractors acknowledge it as the versatile heavy construction equipment because it performs various tasks other than demolishing for instance crushing, cutting and shearing. Long reach demolition excavator is accessible with the wrecking ball that helps the operators to control it properly. Due to its fuel efficient quality, the possessors can save money on fuel expenditure. This excavator allows the machinist to change the length of the arm to perform diverse demolition tasks.

As this web page nears the bottom, choose the best demolition excavator from the aforementioned list that completely matches with your requirements.  Selection of the suitable one helps you in enhancing your company’s brand image.


Be Careful While You Rent Heavy Equipment Online

As the internet has become so popular all over the world, doing business online is the best way to earn maximum profit. The benefits of doing online business are not unknown to us. Where the others have to pay a lot of money for buying the office building for the business, online business would save you a lot of money in that case. But, the best part of doing online business is to acquire the target consumers through the internet. In today’s busy world where people do not have the time to look for advertisements all around them, online advertisements would provide the consumers the opportunity to get the desired results. Technology has reached such a zenith that not only advertising for your products, you can even sell or buy products online.

One of the most important and mostly needed products that have a constant demand in the market is the heavy construction equipment. In this 21st century, constructions projects are the basic parameter of growth and development. And to achieve this, the heavy construction equipment has the most important role. All the construction companies are, therefore, in a constant need for the heavy construction equipment. As the businessmen of the heavy construction equipment have gone online, the heavy construction equipment can be bought or sold over the internet. Not only this, you can also hire an equipment online site, and if you have an equipment that you do not want to sell but utilize for earning money, putting it for rent over the internet is the best way to earn some money.

Factors to consider while you rent heavy construction equipment online:

When you rent heavy construction equipment online, you have to be very careful about various factors. This is because you do not have the opportunity to look at the equipment with your own eyes.

  • Make sure that the equipment you are renting suits your requirement:

When you are in need of heavy construction equipment, you must check it with all the variety of equipment that you are getting online. Tallying all the features and details of the equipment with that of your requirement is the most important thing.

  • Know about the manual and safety measures:

When you are renting the equipment, you are actually obliging to all the rules and regulations of the equipment.

Know about the rental details and papers:

Before you make the payment, you must have a clear contract with the company that is offering the equipment. Before they offer the delivery of the equipment, all these should be settled. Whether the equipment has all the papers or not, is very important. Pollution rate, oil consumption rate, all must be checked beforehand.

Sell Heavy Construction Equipment Online and get benefitted

The online marketing strategy has proved to be a boon for both buyers and sellers. Each and every product such as Automobiles, Consumer Durables, Apparels, Food Products, Jewelleries, and Electronics etc can be accessed in the internet with one click of a mouse. The heavy construction is not lagging behind either. Construction equipments such as Skid Steer, Grader, Excavator, Loader, Compactor etc are available online. To sell heavy construction equipment the sellers needs to find the best site for auction. No more the sellers need to publicize their products heavily to bring it into limelight. All the seller is required to do is to update the entire product with its features, prices and application on the website and the information will reach relevant operators or users worldwide. Also this helps in reducing the expenses successfully as the proprietor of the production firm only needs to make payment for the money required to register them on the online portal which is conducting the whole business of auction.

The buyers also can compare the prices and features of the different heavy construction equipments online and buy the best one which suits his requirements.

Tips to sell Heavy Construction Equipment Online

Create an Excellent Online Strategy- No doubt that the internet is a very powerful medium of buying and selling products but here the competition is fierce too. So you need to execute a good strategy to make sure that your products reach a global audience or buyers. It is important to choose reputable and popular auction sites like, etc

Make a Comprehensive Online Catalogue of product features and benefits-A feature of a product is a fact regarding it which will attract the readers or those who are interested to buy it online. Focus on presenting the features and benefits of the heavy construction equipment by using bullet points. Emphasise on the positive aspects of the device such as fuel efficient, high productivity. Also mention how it reduces various problems like decreases stress, no screen glare etc. Online list of the products can also be created and orders can be taken using e-mails or phone calls. Another strategy of selling online could be to utilize a shopping cart provider which generates a payment opportunity for the heavy equipment devices.

Find a Reliable Provider-Find a dependable and honest provider who is easy to deal with and is extremely user friendly. It is important to select a professional website where provider’s contact details. So go through the provider’s website before getting into the transactions. It is advisable to find good quality e-commerce solutions to sell the equipments.

Select your payment process-After getting prepared to sell your heavy equipments online it is time to choose the mode of payment from the customers. Make sure the payments options are safe and secure. Most of the portals accept payment via credit cards. It is advisable to so meticulous research online if you are a seller to evaluate the rates of the different payment processes. Also you can hire a third party for accumulating the payments from the customers on your behalf.

The mining and construction sector has grown enormously over the years. So if you think selling construction equipment are lucrative and money spinning this article will give you all the information regarding it.





Tips to become successful owners of construction companies

With the constantly developing construction equipment industry, the construction businesses are coming into being. As the construction industry is something that has a very constant need in this era, there is ample scope that the construction company owners can flourish in this business. There are quite some tips that when the construction company owners follow, they can become successful. These are:

  • Hire talent:

A good construction company owner should always look out for talented, educated and experienced employees, so that they can grow the business. Although there are traditional methods of putting advertisements for talented employees, the intelligent company owners always prefer their employees to bring new staff, as it offers the chance of getting the better employees and that too from reliable sources.

  • Be good mentors:

A good construction company owner understands how difficult it is to find good employees. So, once they find one, they are always willing to listen to their ideas and execute them in reality if they are fruitful. Thus, the employees would find the offices a nice place to work at and with happy employees; the firm also reaches unparalleled heights.

  • Win the customer’s heart:

There is no better way than making your customers, your fans. Whenever there is a difficulty that the customers face, if you can provide the best solutions and the best services in a very limited time, you can be sure that they will always stay loyal to you. Customers are very loyal when they find the best services available.

  • Take help of technology:

It is very important to accept technology and take help from it. Very few of the earthmoving contractors use GPS/GNSS technology. They hardly know the importance of these technologies. It can help you a lot to improve your business. If you start to use these facilities and take the advantages of such technologies then you will be highly benefitted. As these technologies always help people to improve their productivity hence, people should always take it and make their dreams come true.

  • Money is an important factor:

When you are going to run a business then it is highly important to take care of money. Money is very important for a business. Therefore, you should make a budget at the beginning. It is very essential to be prepared from the starting and know how much you can invest in your business. It is really important to know your limits.


  • Leadership quality:

Well, whether you are organising a match or going to start a business you should have the best leadership quality to make it perfect. Without a good and reliable leader nothing can be possible. A true leader can show the right path to its followers. It is same in case of business.

These are the best and most important tips that can improve your business condition. So, you can follow these tips and use it in your life.

Top advantages of using a backhoe loader

Those who work in the constructional field know that backhoe loaders serve a lot of purpose which is used in both the constructional field and farms. Though there are many other tools which can perform the same task the backhoe is performing, but most of the people prefer to use backhoe. They unite all the other tools which are used in different jobs into a single unit.

Before buying a backhoe, the people should know all its applications and advantages. Some think that backhoe is mainly used for the clearance of debris and digging the ditches. To say the truth, the application of backhoe covers a wide range.

Advantages of using a backhoe loader

It’s quite unfortunate that lots of people invest a large sum in buying a backhoe loader. They sometimes do not even know the full usage of the loader and use it only for doing everyday jobs and for digging the gutters.  Apart from this, one can also use a backhoe loader for laying the pipes, planting the cable wire underground, setting up of the buildings and the systems of drainage. Not only this, backhoe loaders are capable to accomplish much more tasks.

One can drill some holes to plant his trees simply by attaching an auger to his backhoe. It can also be used to carry out various kinds of projects related with fencing on different kinds of soils. In order to do grading and cutting the slopes, the person can use the backhoe by joining a bucket for cleaning of the ditch on the rear. In the job of a contractor, the person has to mend the gas, roads, sewer lines and the like, he is going to required getting beneath the cement. This work can be done with much ease and quickly if he attaches an asphalt cutter with the backhoe loader. If anyone wants to operate all the backhoes and other machines of construction, he/she should use couplers of pin lock on the backhoe loaders. It will enable them to switch out all their buckets from the stockpile. In this way, a single backhoe can perform several kinds of jobs. So imagine, how easily and quickly can one work on the site with two or more than two backhoes.

Purchasing a second-hand backhoe loader

Those who are interested in buying a second-hand backhoe loader should look for top websites of auction which are offering huge deals. The owners of the used backhoes are ready to sell their equipment through bargaining to make extra profit. Most of these used machines are in excellent condition requiring very little repair. So, one does not have to invest much money in its repairing after purchasing it.

In conclusion, everyone who really craves to buy such a multi-purpose heavy equipment, must have a clear idea of all its applications, so that they carry out more tasks with this backhoe loader. It’s always better to buy a used model of the loader through the online auction, as he/she can save a large sum through the bargain.


How to construct a strong bridge?

Bruce Jackson once said – “Bridges become frames for looking at the world around us”. This statement is perhaps enough to turn one’s mind to the importance of constructing a strong bridge. A well- designed bridge should be able to withstand the wear and tear of time. It should stand erect to enable the passenger to overcome the physical hurdles that come in their way such as valley, river or roads. There are three questions of “what” involved in constructing a bridge:-

  1. What is the time limit of your bridge construction?
  2. What is the purpose of constructing the bridge?
  3. What is the span of this bridge?

Steps to start constructing a bridge

Are you ready to add a bridge to your residential /commercial area? If yes, then follow the following steps:-

  • The first thing you have to do is to seek permission from one of the governmental authority. The agencies such as Water Control Districts, Department of Environmental Regulation etc. are authorised to give such permissions.
  • Now set your budget. Your budget should be high enough to buy all the necessary elements require building that bridge.
  • Then, think why you are constructing the bridge. If it is for commercial development, then it should be constructed with an attractive design. For that, you can also refer to a professional engineer.
  • Now, determine the length of the bridge. For this, calculate the gap between bottom of the bridge and the high water rise. It should be 5-10 feet from the top of the bank. It should be wide enough to provide a smooth clearance.
  • Then at last, design your bridge by referring to Americans Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Types of design in constructing a bridge

  • Arch Bridges:- Arch bridges have connections at the supports and the centre point of the arch. It permits the bridge to respond strongly to heavy stresses and loads.
  • Truss Bridges:- This type of bridge is composed of many smaller parts. They are mostly made of metals. This bridge has generally triangle-shaped structure.
  • Covered Bridges:- Here, the enclosing roof protects the bridge from all kinds of withering. Thus it elongates the life of the bridge.
  • Pratt Truss Bridges:- In this type of bridge, the middle-section has cross diagonal members. This enables the bridge to get a lighter structure. It is the most common type of truss bridges.
  • Warren Truss Bridges:- It has many isosceles or equilateral triangles to connect the top and bottom line.
  • Suspension Bridges:- Here, the deck is hung from wire-rope suspenders. It consists of a tied arch that prevents the drifting of its bearings.

However, many times we lack the perceiving to build beautiful yet strong bridges. So, we can start by building small bridges that are strong enough to carry us. After learning the skills properly and getting trained, we can start making bridges that is needed to make the nation look beautiful and work perfectly.

How To Install Hydraulic Thumbs In Excavators?

Construction excavators are made to design to lift heavy objects. The hydraulic thumbs in the excavators assist it to hold the freight. The thumbs are mostly detachable which moves both in the forward and backward direction to let the bucket slide around a heavy object. Steel of high quality is used to design it. It has hype bracing which adds to its strength. The working of the hydraulic thumb excavator is managed through a series of controls and levers strategically positioned to operate the machine by permitting the bucket to work like a mechanical hand. It drags the bucket towards it by squeezing the load against the excavator’s bucket. The bucket easily picks up the load and shifts it to some other place.

Applications of hydraulic thumb excavators

The Hydraulic thumb excavators are mainly manufactured to handle and load various objects with ease. They are used in the construction site to lift rocks, debris and the like which is not otherwise possible for the bucket to transport alone. You can also take out the thumb while doing normal work of excavations as it back off against the stick.

To install the hydraulic thumb in the excavator is not tiresome at all. In fact, it includes some simple steps which should be carried out carefully.

Steps to install hydraulic thumbs in excavators

  • Park your excavator on a level and smooth ground surface. You have to drop out some space to adjust the forklift in order to place the hydraulic thumb.
  • Now, place the hydraulic thumb close to the edge of the excavator’s arm on the ground. Slightly lower the machine’s arms to line up the arm’s holes with the holes in the hydraulic thumb.
  • Mount the Thumb pad to the stick of the excavator and then connect it with the hydraulics.
  • The gap between the bracket of the hydraulic thumb and the bucket should be at least one inch. The bucket should not touch the base of the thumb plate in curl up position.
  • Lock the thumb properly to prevent it from jiggling and down drifting.
  • The teeth of the excavator and the bucket should be aligned in left to right direction. To do this, you have to pull aside the bucket and lengthen the thumb. Check all the positions of the hydraulic thumb to make sure that the thumb hooks align with the teeth of the bucket.
  • After that, go for welding the arms of the equipment. Welding should always be done in parallel with the axis of the excavator’s arm.
  • The sealing and the lubricants should be replaceable one. Try to use pins and bushings which are already treated with heat so that heat cannot damage it easily.

You should perform some tests to nail down that the bucket and other connectors squeeze the hydraulic thumb. Any kind of failure to carry out the test will have adverse effects on cylinders, pins, sticks, brackets and thumbs. Don’t just waste your time in thinking, go forward, think straight and install the Hydraulic thumb to enlarge the sphere of the excavator’s application.