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Employ D6 Cable Dozer as a Weighty Farming Tractor

D6 bulldozer is a kind of pathway tractor that is manufactured by Caterpillar Inc Company. This dozer is usually available in the weight of 18 tons. It is furthermore utilised in military base camps in the model name of SNL G152 middling canker. This dozer falls under the class of heavy equipment. The readers of this article will get to know the applications of D6 cable bulldozers in agricultural and other sorts of fields. The farmers started using this mechanism in the year 1941. The blades and rear tools are attached to these D6 cable dozers.

Antiquity of D6 Cable Bulldozer

The first D6 cable dozer was operated in the year 1935 in the name of RD6. This conventional dozer was equipped with an engine of 3-cylinders. The first D6 model was invented by Caterpillar with the version of 4R and 5R chains. Some of the features of traditional D6 Bulldozers are as follows:

  • D6 8U and 9U bulldozers were available with 6-cylinders engines.
  • D6C was launched in the year 1963.
  • D6D with 140 hp motor was launched in 1977.
  • In the year 1986, D6H was invented with the drive sprocket system.
  • D6M is also a sort of cable bulldozer that is accessible with LPG adaptation.

Engine Feature of D6 Cable Dozer

  • The modern Caterpillar D6 cable dozer applied a 6-cylinders diesel motor with the rate of 1800 rpm.
  • The measurement of the engine disarticulation is 638 cubic inches.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank of this transformer is 65 gallons.
  • In this engine, the customers get the facility of conduction up to three expedited cogs and one overturn gear.
  • The height of the Caterpillar D6 cable bulldozer is 105 inches.
  • The length and breadth of this dozer are 184 and 96 inches respectively.
  • The weight of this heavy equipment is 33,000 lbs.
  • The frontage and back tires pathways are available in the size of 60-74 inches.

Indispensable Protection Guidelines for Bulldozer Operators

  • Only proficient, qualified and experienced employee should be permitted to control bulldozers.
  • The drivers should always wear the seat belts whenever they start the machine.
  • The machinist should start the engine of the dozer only when the path is clear.
  • The bulldozer drivers should know all the techniques of lock out, tag out and block out at the time of refurbishment of the machine.
  • The method of traffic control helps the dozer operators to run the equipment in public place.
  • The operators should use flaggers to manage the mechanism in a crowded area.
  • It is sensible for the workers to keep the bulldozers away from the transparency power rows.

D6 cable bulldozers are obtainable in the souk with various sorts of dozer blades. The short straight blades with no tangential bend can be applied for grading the soil in fine particles. The U-blades are big, arched and have the feature of great elevated wings that help to collect more amount of earthy material at a time.

Get Rid Of Debris- Use Skelton Buckets

Do you own a farmland that needs clearing off small bushes? Or does the construction site you are working on requires to be cleaned off its debris? If yes, then how about using Skelton buckets for the purpose? Not only will they you clear your land off debris, but they will also help in uprooting scrubs and bushes and make the land suitable for your purpose.

Getting To Know the Skelton Bucket

Rocks and debris, like a lot of other things, are an inevitable part of the construction industry. However, they are not a necessary presence, inevitable though it might be. Clearing the site of these debris, therefore, forms an important part of the entire business. And it is because of this reason that the Skelton bucket has come to hold such an important position in the industry.

Available in the dimensions of eighty-four inches, seventy-two inches and sixty-six inches wide, the Skelton bucket is a great tool for clearing a construction site off rocks and debris. And what’s more- the buckets are designed in a way so that it is compatible with all equipment. This is that one tool which is quite versatile as far as its uses are concerned and which is capable of handling extreme conditions.

Now, this entire clearing process that the Skelton bucket performs can be well achieved with the help of backhoes and hoist buckets. So, one might wonder the reason behind the requirement of the Skelton buckets. Well, it is pretty clear. The former equipment do clear off a land effectively, but they also leave large gaps on the ground. With the Skelton bucket, one can be assured of no such thing happening.

Where Can You Make Use Of Skelton Bucket?

That the Skelton bucket is quite a versatile tool is a fact that has been mentioned earlier. There are a number of ways in which one could make use of this tool.

  • The Skelton buckets can be put to use in the construction arena in order to remove rocks and debris. They are also quite useful foe pulling off the remains of a tree root.
  • The Skelton bucket also proves to be quite useful in the cities with respect to the post demolition work where workers need to clear off the rubble.
  • Since, it proves helpful in uprooting tree roots farmers often make use of the Skelton bucket in order to clear a land off scrubs, bushes and the like.
  • Because of their open rib cage like structure, they are also put to use in the scrap metal procedures, as it helps filtering out small metallic pieces.

One could, therefore, easily conclude that the Skelton buckets to be quite an indispensible tool- both in the construction industry and otherwise. Not only does it prove to be helpful in clearing off a land of debris but also ensures that large uneven gaps are not left in the process

Learn the six basic applications of bulldozers

Bulldozer is a heavy constructional equipment that is mainly used to build roads and glade the land. In the olden days, most of the bulldozers were in the form of tractors. The farmers used it to plow their field. But now, it has become more useful with many modifications such as rear ripper claw. At present, it has become an unavoidable part of the construction industry. Apart from that, it is also used extensively in mines and various projects of engineering.

Applications of a bulldozer

You can use a bulldozer for variety of purposes. Some of them are given below:

    • Building of the roads: – The first step to build a road is to remove the topsoil. It is very important because the topsoil contains large quantities of moisture and organic bits and pieces. This removal of the topsoil helps to increase the stability of the road. You can easily push aside the topsoil with the help of a bulldozer. It leaves an opening for the construction of the road. This opening can be filled with rock-strewn. Many people use the bulldozer to smooth the cram of the opening.
    • Demolishing old unnecessary structures: – Another important use of bulldozers is the act of destroying and demolishing old and unnecessary properties. You can knock down a building quickly using a large bulldozer. Bulldozers that are used for demolishing purposes comprise of a powerful cab to protect the user from any kind of injury. After knocking down a derelict property, you can use the bulldozer to mound the debris and polish up the whole area.
    • To move huge quantities of earth: – The bulldozers are extensively used for pushing away large quantities of soil and earth. It can set aside the piles of organic matter by making use of the blade. You don’t have to use any backhoe to uplift everything and keep it aside for later disposal. Sometimes it is attached with various kind of digging machines or backhoe. This backhoe is used to uplift any material from the excavation site which is later pushed away by the bulldozer to some distant places.
    • For construction purposes:- Bulldozers have many different purposes to serve in the process of construction. Most of the big projects of construction need widespread preliminary work of the site which the workers can smoothly do with the help of the bulldozers. It can easily strip off the vegetation for digging the pit.
    • For clearing enemy’s base: – The armies use bulldozers to clear the enemies’ bases and other infrastructures. They use armoured bulldozers which protect them from the attacks of enemies.
  • For deforestation:- The sharp blades of the bulldozers are used for cutting down large trees.


As it goes on tracks, it has great grip against the land. Bulldozers are used by the workers to carry out the work without any difficulty. If you too need a bulldozer for any kind of above mentioned work, then go and get it today.



Tips to buy a used bulldozer

Any construction industry depends heavily on a bulldozer. If you too want to start a business of construction, then at first you should buy a bulldozer. But, if you don’t want to spend much money in buying it, then you should go for a used bulldozer. It is very cheap and you can easily get it from the manufacturing companies.

Buying a used bulldozer is not very tough. You only have to keep the following points in your mind while buying it.

Tips for buying a used bulldozer

  • Determine your budget: – The most important thing which we generally consider is the budget. To determine your budget, you should evaluate your equipment requirement. Your budget will be directly proportional to the size of the bulldozer you are going to purchase. If you need a big bulldozer which can carry out heavy tasks, then you should have a big budget. If your budget ranges from $2000 to $45000, then you can easily opt for a large bulldozer.
  • Transporting the bulldozer: – The next step is to find a path for moving the bulldozer to your business or construction site. For this, you should get a truck which has the equipment to drag a bulldozer. If you are unable to find such a truck, you should immediately contact a local construction company and rent a truck for the above said purpose.
  • Search for “Buy it now” sites: – Before purchasing a used bulldozer, you should go for a little search on a sell-off site like eBay. To keep away yourself from all kinds of bidding war, confine the searches to take in particularly those auctions under which it is written “Buy it now”.
  • Should match your need: – Another important thing before buying the bulldozer is that you should focus on the type of job you want to accomplish using it. It should match your need perfectly so that you can carry out the work without any difficulty and that too at a short time.
  • Check the condition of the bulldozer: – Many a times the sellers sell use defective equipment on which we have to spend money for repairing. So, you should be very careful while buying the product and don’t forget to check its condition before paying a single penny to the seller. This will save your money.
  • Call local construction companies:– It’s a great idea to call around the construction companies of your area and ask them if they have operated the machine which they are offering to sell. If you do not want to do online transaction, then you should opt for some local sources of bulldozers. It will prevent you from the transportation costs.


After going through the following steps, you can buy a used bulldozer without any worries. But, try to get it from a reliable company. The companies generally offer much-improved bulldozers and its total cost is also very reasonable. So, why spend extra money on buying a new bulldozer? Start your construction business today by purchasing a used one.

Steps to bulldoze a farm using a bulldozer

Do you want to clear a farm? Don’t you know how to use a bulldozer for it? No worries. You only have to follow some simple tips to use a bulldozer for bulldozing a farm.

It is a well-known fact that farmland clearing is a very difficult and lengthy task. You can make this job easy and quick only when you have the right type of bulldozer with you. Due to the presence of curved blade in its front, it is known as bulldozer. If you don’t have the suitable equipment then you have to spend a lot of time in doing this laborious work. You can directly go and buy a bulldozer, or you can rent it from some genuine renting company. Using the bulldozer, you can easily steer away any kind of debris from the farm. Even an average-sized bulldozer can easily clean acreages of brush and rock-mottled farms in one day. But, sometimes it takes more than one day to do this. You can also hire contractors, but you should try to complete the job yourself. This will keep away excess expenses.

Steps to bulldoze a farm

  • Cut the trees: – Get rid of the trees by cutting them with the blade of the bulldozer. Big trees may need some more shoves for completely knocking them down.
  • Tie up the remaining trees with chains:– The stumps of remaining tree and huge boulders should be tied with a chain. Attach the other end of the chain to the backside of the bulldozer. Now, to uproot the big trees, start driving the bulldozer in the forward direction. If there is any unnecessary small structures of farm, then pull it down using the chain.
  • Force the debris into heap: – Now, it’s time to clean the debris. For this, you have to use the blade. Force the debris and other rocks into heap so that you can pick it up later for disposal. Segregate the heaps into controllable portion so that you can avoid doing any extra work during the process of disposal.
  • Level the dirt: – This is the most important step in bulldozing a farmland. To make the land suitable for farming, you have to blend the dirt with the help of the bulldozer blades. Try to maintain very minimum distance between the blade and the ground surface.
  • Fix a rake: – Rake in bulldozers lends a hand to clear the remaining debris. The rake should be fixed to the bottom end of the blade of the bulldozer.


Scientists have designed the latest bulldozers which are good looking and can perform any kind of heavy task with ease. The modern bulldozers are provided with electronic goods. With the invention of the bulldozers, bulldozing farmland has become a child’s play. But, you should remain very careful while using it. Any negligence regarding it can cause havoc adversities. So, before using it, you should take the advice of the professionals.

Reduce Fuel Costs and Push Up the Profit Margin- 4 Tips to Reduce Fuel Costs

Whether or not a construction project will be able to meet the given deadline is a matter that heavily rests on the heavy equipment. If the heavy equipments function well, one can be assured of attaining appreciable results n good time. However, the rising expenses of the fuel have been successful in placing a frown on the foreheads of the heavy equipment fleet management companies.

Reducing Fuel Costs By Means Of Fleet Management Software

A study has revealed that a truck covers an approximate distance of 100,000 miles per year. Needless to say this distance results in a high fuel expenditure of a fleet management company. Heavy equipment, too, require quite an amount of fuel in order to keep things running smoothly. It can, therefore, be concluded that the cost of fuel that a company has to bear in managing the heavy equipment fleet is quite high. However, the heavy equipment fleet management software has proved to be quite a boon as far as decreasing the fuel costs are concerned.

  • It has been estimated that heavy equipment makes use of more than 685 million gallons of fuel per year when they are in an idling position. However, by making use of the fleet management software, you can ensure a significant reduction in the idling time of the heavy equipment and thus bring down the cost of fuel by a considerable margin.
  • There has been found many instances when a particular vehicle has strayed out of its designated track. This means that it travels extra miles and consequently spends a greater amount of fuel. By opting for the fleet management software, you can keep track of the equipment and can ensure that it does not leave its designated track. This means lesser number of miles and lesser fuel expenses.
  • Commendable driving skills have been seen as one of the best ways in which a heavy equipment fleet management company can bring about a significant reduction in the fuel costs. The fleet management software keeps record of the speed of the vehicle in question along which has been found to be a significant contributor to the amount of fuel burnt. The software allows the companies to track the speed limit, thereby, bringing down the fuel cost by a considerable margin.
  • Opting for the best route is another way of bringing down the fuel costs. The fleet management software allows the companies to map out the best route for vehicles, thereby, enhancing the optimal utilisation of the fuel. This optimal use of the fuel definitely contributes significantly in bringing down the fuel expenditure by a considerable margin.

One could, therefore, conclude that the efficient use of fuel is one of the best ways to bring down the fuel expenditure of the company. Fleet management software is one of the best ways in which companies could go on about it.

How to choose the right bulldozer

One of the most useful equipment of construction sites is bulldozer. It can perform the heavy works of a tractor. As the construction business is growing day by day it also increases the demand of heavy equipment and bulldozer is one of them. A broad blade system has been attached at the front of the machine along with an optional ripper placed at the back. Bulldozers are mainly used to grade and to shove the large snow piles or soil. Several construction works like mining, quarrying and many more difficult works have been done by bulldozers in the construction sites.

Now when you are going to purchase a bulldozer for your several works it is very obvious that you want the perfect one.  Therefore, before buying it you should definitely consider some major things. It is really essential to check out some details about the bulldozer unless you may have to face little difficulties later.

Things should be considered before buying a bulldozer:


  • The main functional adaptor of this machine is the blade and ripper. In order to lose the soil and break the rocks ripper is used.  Blade is also an important part of this machine as it comes in three different types like S-blade, U-blade and S-U blade. It helps the bulldozer to grade, carry as well as push the big earth piles. So you should check these things at first.
  • There are many companies that manufacture this equipment but it is always safe to rely on a reputed and reliable company. Caterpillar Company is the best company that produces amazing bulldozers. Hence you should definitely select this company as it is responsible for producing best bulldozers that contain superb versatility, powerful net horsepower, manoeuvrability and ergonomic designs.  Therefore, when a company is offering such amazing features you will definitely be able to enjoy your work with these machines.
    • Rops is the safety feature of a bulldozer. It is also a portion of the equipment which is connected with the upper part of the heavy equipment.  Basically this part is worked as the roof of the equipment that helps to secure it from any damage.  Even it helps the operator to be safe from any kind of injury. It actually pushes the machine during the time of breaking down the rocks. So you definitely should check the canopy properly because without it the machine as well as the operator may have to face danger.


  • When you are busy in choosing a bulldozer for performing some heavy tasks you have to be aware with its durability as well as its quality. Quality is always comes first because a good quality bulldozer can bring lots of benefits for you. Another important fact is that you will be secured from any danger and your machine will be safe from any damages.

These are the some basic points that everybody should consider before purchasing this equipment because without all these things your machine will not be able to serve its best.


How to reduce risk by renting heavy equipment?

Owners of construction industries are aware of the impact of economic decline on their businesses. Many of them have evolved a new appraisal for gripping money in their hands. They have started to explore strategies of risk management with a fresh vigour. In this competitive world, it is very important to rent equipment as one of the important strategy of risk management. It has both money and risk management advantages.

The construction industries have intensely fixed ownership culture regarding heavy constructional equipment. However, there are some advantages of leasing the machines which is almost same to all spheres of construction industry, irrespective of the type of equipment.

Renting mitigates asset risks

Renting minimises asset risks such as high maintenance cost. Bulldozing equipment requires maintenance. As the time passes, it faces much wear and tear. This increases the maintenance cost and repairing time of the equipment. This increased time and cost results in delaying of the project fulfilment. This delaying is a very big problem for the industries who are trying to maximize their crew. Renting assures that equipment stays first hand. Therefore, the money and time spent on its maintenance can be minimised significantly.

Apart from the maintenance of the equipment, businesses which buy the equipment straight away are responsible enough for ensuring that the purchasing is in compliance with appropriate regulations. The regular upgrading of the new equipment helps to keep up with the latest regulations.

Reselling of the construction machines is another important factor that constantly bothers the owners when they own such a machine. Sometimes, the owner should consider selling the older machine and decide what to do with it can be intimidating. There are very few companies who have right price to sell it in the market. Renting permits business owners to turn the machine in at the edge of the lease-period and move-on smoothly.

Use of Equipment management

As most of the entrepreneurs know that the monthly cost of renting the heavy equipment is really very expensive. If you want to go for purchasing new equipment for a particular project which will lasts for 2-3 years and which you are not going to use after that initial period, then it is not worth buying it. In fact, renting allows an owner to match the particular equipment’s usage with the deadline of the project. After that only, he should add that expense into its tender.

Your construction business relies on a variety of equipment to operate. Renting heavy equipment is a smart choice because the entire lease payment can be claimed as a tax deduction. If you want to rent the machine from an online company, then you only have to fill an online application form and submit it. After that they will give you a call for the further processing of your request. Or, you can directly give them a call so that you can visit the company physically. So, make your business bigger by renting heavy equipment.


How to Select the Right Equipment Tracking System

As the heavy construction equipment have to perform in extremely hectic work schedule and they are more or less mobile, it is quite difficult to keep a track of these equipments. A good heavy construction equipment tracking system makes it quite easy for the owner to have a clear idea of the performance of the equipment. When you implement a tracking system to your heavy construction equipment, it not only helps you in keeping a track record of the equipment, but also you can increase the productivity and efficiency of the equipments to increase the business of your company. There are many equipment tracking systems that might help you with all the services, but most often the owners get confused about which would be the right tracking device for their company. Following the simple steps and tips mentioned below, you can find the right tracking system for your device.

  1. Most of the ordinary tracking systems are based on solo services. It means that these tracking systems will serve single equipment at a time. So, if you want to track two devices, then you will have to assign another tracking device. Therefore, if you want to track your heavy construction equipments, then you must buy a tracking system that offers multiple applications.
  2. Many times the tracking systems work exclusively on proprietary devices only. In such a case they work only on those very equipments. But if any time the owner is unhappy with the service and wants to buy new equipments, these tracking systems might not work on them, and the entire system or hardware technology might need a change. To avoid this, the owner must always find a tracking system that is not exclusive for proprietary devices.
  3. The next most important factor for choosing the right tracking system for your heavy construction equipment is to make sure that your tracking systems providing company gives you ample support, post the installation of the equipments. If the company fails to provide you a support and servicing facility after the tracking system has been installed, then it will not be very favourable for you.

Features of a good tracking system:

  • To locate the equipment’s position, the tracking system works wonders. Both the satellite and cellular tracking system are very helpful for this purpose.
  • When you assign the run-time analyser, you can get to know about the exact time span of the working hours of the equipments. How long your equipment has been performing in the field, must be known to you, so that you can charge the customer accordingly.
  • A good tracking system will also denote you about the working condition of the equipment. If there is damage in the equipment and it becomes quite late before you get to know it, the equipment might get severely damaged. A tracking device can help in reducing the maintenance cost to a large extent in these situations.


Utilize Caterpillar D3 Bulldozer for Agricultural Land

Very often, the word ‘bulldozer’ is used in the list of heavy equipment but actually it falls under the category of tractors. Many of the farmers are unaware of this fact and think D3 dozers as the heavy construction equipment. This piece of writing will make them understand the benefits of D3 in farming applications. Nowadays, Caterpillar D3 bulldozers are used by the farmers to develop the fertility of the land.

Factual Information about D3 Bulldozers

D3 bulldozer is often recognised as D3 crawler tractor that is employed to shift land, echelon land and for destruction. The engine of the D3 dozer has 5.2 litre diesel in it. This motor has the capability to produce maximum 62 KW of horsepower. The diesel tank has the capacity to hold 30.1 gallons of fuel. It has the competence to hold an utmost freight of 13,980 kg. This bulldozer runs in the speed of seven miles per hour. There are three gears in the front side and one gear in the opposite side of the bulldozer. When the dozer blade is fitted in the device, its total length is 12.1 feet and without blade, its distance end to end is 9.1 feet. The customers get the helm track in the size of 6 feet and floor clearance of 1 foot.

Security Tips for Bulldozer Users

  • The trained bulldozer drivers should go through the manual section before using the machine. The test drive is must for them so as to avoid accidents.
  • The mechanical back up alarm helps the bulldozer driver to call the workers in the site in emergency. The volume of this alarm is so loud that it can be hear from any corner of the site.
  • It is very important to know for the bulldozer operators that whenever they have to refuel the machine, it is sensible to shut off the engine.
  • The rollover protection structure (ROPS) attached in the bulldozer help the drivers to run the crawler safely.
  • It should be necessary to wear hand and foot hold safety tools whenever there is a need to mount over the parts of the machine.
  • Always employ overhead security whenever there is a need to use bulldozer on a high altitude material.
  • The bulldozer machinists should always be conscious if they have to use it near a trencher or an excavator.

Procedure to Make a Road Using a Bulldozer

The workers should cut down the big trees that are in the lane before they utilise dozer. It is advisable to the bulldozer drivers that never use crawler to curb out the large trees form the ground. With the blade of the bulldozer, thump the remnants and thrust them away so that it will not create an obstruction on the path of the bulldozer. The bulldozer helps to swell the gravels on the road.  When the pebbles are compressed by the bulldozer, it gives a smooth appearance and never washes out in stormy rain.