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Be Safe When Handling Heavy Equipment- Use Properly Equipped Safety Tool Box

If you are into construction, then dealing with heavy construction equipment must be second nature to you. The construction equipment are perhaps the most aspect of the business, without which the basic purpose of the entire thing would fail to serve its purpose. And since, it is such an important part of the business it would not do to overlook the hazards involved in it.

Why Is the Safety Tool Box Crucial In Being Safe?

Heavy equipment that form an important part of the whole business, is also a major contributing factor to the various mishaps that takes place on site. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that you have enough safety measures on hand so that you are well assured of your safety. The engineers and supervisors on site have to ensure that the workers who are working for the industry have a safe working environment and for that it is important that some basic safety measures are undertaken by them. Among the many safety measures that one can take in order to prevent accidents from occurring at work site, the safety tool box forms an indispensible part.

Things That You Should Know About Your Safety Tool Box

No doubt safety tool box are a must have when dealing with heavy construction equipments, but its mere presence is not really going to help you out. For the safety tool box to come handy, it is important to keep account of some pointers. For one, you should be aware of the safety equipment that are present in your tool box. Without proper knowledge of the equipment, it is obvious that you will not be able to identify the tool that you would need at that point of time.

The supervisors of the construction site should also conduct regular tool box meetings in order to ensure the presence of all the relevant tools and make the workers aware of their use. Such discussions do more than enough in educating the workers about the requirement and the correct use of the safety too box.

What Kind Of Safety Tools Should One Have In The Safety Tool Box?

Among the many equipment that are a must have in the safety tool box are the presence of equipment that check the brakes of the heavy equipment. Brakes form an important part of all heavy construction equipment, such as the dozer, excavator, dump truck and the like. Hence, it becomes mandatory to have the brakes in order so as to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

Another kind of safety equipment, the presence of which is a must in the safety tool box, especially those having lifting utility, such as the crane are the ones that check if the lifting devices are in order. Not having the lifting device in order can be the cause of serious hazards on the site. Hence, it is important to check the availability of these devices before the operation of such heavy equipment.

Safety is the key word for working and deriving positive results in any field. Owners and the supervisors recruited are responsible for providing a safe and secure working environment for the workers and one of the ways in which they can do it is to ensure that the workers operating the heavy equipment have a satisfactorily equipped tool box to prevent or reduce the effects of a mishaps.

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Soil stabilizers can make the soil stronger and effective for construction purposes

Soil is one of main construction materials, without which, almost no construction work can be implemented. However, seasonal moisture makes the soil plagued and contaminated, causing cracks on the constructions. Therefore, to remove the moisture and to make the soil stronger, external stabilizers are incorporated within the soil through the heavy equipment namely soil stabilizers. For removing and replacing the poor quality soil with a very good quality soil, soil stabilizers are the only equipment that we need. It incorporates engineering properties into the soil.

What are the additives that a soil stabilizer incorporates into the soil?

Normally a soil stabilizer stabilizes the soil in two ways: 1) by adding mechanical additives, 2) by adding chemical additives. The mechanical stabilizers or additives are cement, bituminous and lime. On the other hand, Portland cement, Quicklime, Fly Ash, Calcium Chloride, Bitumen etc. are the chemical stabilizers or additives.

How does a soil stabilizer work?

The first thing before stabilizing the soil is to determine what are the properties that re missing in the soil that need to be incorporated. As soon as the engineers determine the additives or the stabilizing agents for the soil, the stabilizing technique is determined. If mechanical stabilizing method is chosen for the process, then all the additives will be mixed properly, as per their required proportion. The soil stabilizer spreads the additive mixture into the soil as soon as it is mixed; this is taken care of in the mechanical method as some of the additives that are used in this technique have a tendency to settle fast. If the additives are not mixed in proper proportions, then they will destroy the soil. Other than mixing, compaction equipment are also used for soil stabilizing, as it provides pressure from above and increases the density of the soil. Soil is also reinforced in the mechanical technique by adding gravels, sands and stones, boulders etc. to prevent the migration of the soil. In the chemical stabilizing method, the stability of the soil is increased by using Calcium Chloride; the soil’s resistance power is increased by the Bitumen and other products. Chemical soil stabilizers efficiently add these stabilizing agents to the soil.

Types of soil stabilizers:

  • Tractor-towed soil stabilizers:

This heavy equipment or soil stabilizer has a mixing and milling motor that is driven mechanically. The additives or binding agents for the soil stabilization are mixed in this motor and spread on the soil across the ground, along the full width of the machine.

  • Bigger Tractor-towed soil stabilizers:

This soil stabilizer can cut the ground with a 6 foot, 7 inch or even an 8 foot cutter that can cut 20 inch deep into the ground and put the additive mixture into the soil.

  • Very Large Soil stabilizers:

This soil stabilizer has the capability of controlling or rather preventing the formation of the dust clouds and thus the stabilizing agent or additives are saved from going out into the atmosphere.

Get the Important Marketing Tips on Heavy Equipment

Whenever you are going to start your construction business, you need to follow some rules. In order to make it big and establish a successful business you have to opt for marketing. Without a proper marketing procedure, you cannot reach to your customers. In case of heavy equipment, you have to go for this step. Whether you want to start business on heavy equipment or want to sell them you have to take help of marketing. It will help you a lot in your work and give you the best customers. So, marketing is not just for the big companies or consumer products. Small or medium companies can also try this amazing policy to get ahead in their career. Heavy equipment contractors can definitely take these marketing strategies to get the best position in the marketplace. It will help you to get more bids and you can increase your revenues and at the same time you will be able to enhance the reputation of your company. As the pressure of such businesses are very high in the market place, so, it can little difficult for you to run the business properly and stay update always. However, the good marketing strategies can help you to take your company to the next level.

Here are some marketing steps that help you to promote your business. Check it out-


Clear and best branding is very important to increase the reputation

Well, when you are the owner of your company then there are many things that you have to take care of. So, you cannot look in each aspect of your business. However, it is really important to promote your equipment and name it popular. Therefore, if you don’t have a particular logo for your company or products then you should definitely apply for the right logo. To give a professional outlook to your company you should create a good logo that can represent your company. A logo is very essential to run a successful business. Therefore, you should take it very seriously and make it as soon as you can.


Make good networks:

Well, there is a term like “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. In case of business marketing policy this is really true. Knowing the right people can be the first step to gain profit in your business. They can definitely provide many contacts that can help you to enhance your business. If you start to meet new people every day, then you will definitely get to know about some upcoming projects that are going to take place. You shouldn’t get hesitate to contact some people or improve your conversation with him. You can even get good customers to sell your heavy equipment.



Follow the local news:

Well, newspaper can give you the best information. Therefore, you should definitely follow the newspaper and get in touch with the local news. Then you can get to know about the current situation of the market of your area.

Get the detail of most useful heavy equipment for construction sites

Well, running a successful business is not an easy job. It needs experience, skill and patience. However, the most important thing that can help you to run your construction business is heavy equipment. Without the help of good and reliable heavy equipment it becomes very difficult to run a construction site. You need to purchase the most important heavy equipment such as bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader, backhoe loaders, skid steer loaders and many more. Such equipment help to maintain works properly. Workers cannot work in the construction sites without the best equipment. To dig the ground, shift extra material from one place to another they need to take help from heavy equipment.

Therefore, it is really important to know every heavy machine properly before purchasing it for works unless you know the details of such equipment you cannot work with them. Here is a list of some essential heavy equipment. Check it out-

Backhoe loaders:

It is almost same as the tractors. It contains a big shovel that is attached at the front of the machine. There is a small bucket strongly attached with the loader. You have to use this bucket for digging.  Usually workers consider it as medium sized equipment that is used for smaller works. It needs a very small space to perform the entire operation. It can easily move dirt and other additional material, dig fields and trenches; in fact, you can install smaller pipes under the ground with the help of this equipment. One of the best features of this machine is that it can be used in any places.


To run a construction business, you have to rely on bulldozers because it is the most useful and strongest equipment that is very important for the construction industry. You can move extra dirt and all the wasted material from one place to another with the help of a bulldozer. A big flat blade is attached with the front side of the machine. You can use the two hydraulic pistons to operate it. Actually these two pistons help the blade to move in right direction. A bulldozer helps to crush larger boulders easily.

Motor grader:

Motor grader is a type of heavy equipment that is used to grade smoothly and move small dirt. It is a very important machine that helps the workers to complete their works within time. It has a big and long blade which is attached with the machine perfectly so that it can meet every angle in order make a flat surface. Well, this equipment also has another blade which is located at the front axle. This part of the machine helps to perform underground mining. It actually uses to grade dirt properly or gravel roads. Thereby, motor grader is the most important equipment for the construction sites.

These are the most useful heavy equipment that are used in the construction sites. You should try to know about the different parts of this machine in order to work properly.

Know the main Advantages of EOBRs

If you are willing to start a construction company that bring success into your life then you always should be very careful on choosing the right path. There are a number of starts up companies who are dealing with this field. It is not an easy job to run a construction business. You need to take care of many things. Organizing the site, managing workers and track down the every single detail of your site is very important. You should know how to operate the heavy equipment. It is obvious that you need to work with the heavy equipment, so it is very essential to purchase the best heavy equipment. Now, many companies are taking the help of electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) to maintain the safety and security. It is really difficult to use the electronic logs as the drivers and other workers know to work with paper logs. They cannot manage to work with this technology. Many workers feel that this technology is really different and need proper attention. Once you start to use this technology you will surely love it. It actually helps the drivers to save their time and makes the work easier. Here are some important reasons for why drivers love to use EOBR. Take a look-

It helps you to reduce your paper work as well as reporting time. With the help of this system, the drivers do not have to waste their valuable time by finishing the paper forms and counting the working hours. This fleet tracking system helps to gather the diagnostic information from the engine and help the workers in their job. Through this way of working, workers can smoothly record the each data of their Hours of service. You can completely rely on EOBR because it provides 100% error free and perfect data. So if you want the details of such data or information then you will easily get that from this device.

Most of the workers and businessmen want to stay compliant to their job. This is their biggest concern of a job that helps them to build the business properly. If you cannot meet the compliance then you may have to give penalties or fines which can ruin the image or reputation of your business. If something is going wrong in the site then this automated alarm makes you aware of it. Fleet managers also use this technology to get rid of their problems. It helps them to track a record on the drivers and workers of that site.

Through this EOBR system a person can easily be connected with his office. It is not safe to talk or share confidential things over phone.  So, you can use this system in your office to get detail information when you are not in office.

These are the very few things that you can get from this technology. So, you should definitely use it.

Sell Your Heavy Equipment Virtually- Get To Know Where

Are you a heavy equipment manufacturer out to sell your product but haven’t been able to get enough customers? Wondering about your next course of action? Well, how about considering trading heavy equipment online?

Selling Heavy Equipment Online- Considering the Pros

Advertising and trading of heavy construction equipment over the World Wide Web has a number of pros- both for the buyers as well as the sellers. Let us consider some of the pros that online auctioning has to offer.

  • A greater and wider exposure- that is one of the key of selling heavy equipment online.
  • The expenses that are incurred by the seller in the event of offline trading of heavy equipment are also lowered by a considerable extent.
  • As far as the buyers of the heavy equipment are concerned, they too, have the advantage of going through various makes and models presented by various construction manufacturers organisation before investing on particular equipment.

It would, therefore, not be wrong to calculate that the trading of heavy equipment has a lot of advantages. Not only does it save a hell lot of time and expenses, it also contributes in making the entire process much simpler.

The Platforms for Selling Heavy Equipment

Now that you have made up your mind to sell heavy equipment over the net, you will first want to advertise it and let potential customers know that you have put up heavy equipment up for sale. But before you do that it is important for you to learn where you can do this effectively?

  • The heavy equipment auctioning sites are one of the best places for advertising your heavy equipment and putting it up for sale. For one, the traffic that is directed to these sites mainly consists of people related to the construction arena. This means that you have a higher probability of selling your product.
  • The social networking sites are another area that you could consider for advertising your heavy equipment. For instance, let us consider Instagram. You could post a picture of the heavy equipment up for sale along with all relevant information. You can be absolutely sure of reaching out to potential customers and letting them know about your product.
  • You could also consider advertising your heavy equipment on YouTube. All you need to do is upload a well-made video of your heavy equipment enumerating its features and all relevant information. This is another sure shot way of letting people know that you have heavy equipment for sale.
  • You could also consider letting people know about your heavy equipment on the blogs related to heavy equipment. Post an appealing advertisement of your heavy equipment and be ready to receive offers for your equipment.

Letting the right kind of people know about your heavy equipment is of paramount importance. And selecting the appropriate platform for advertising is equally important in order to accomplish that successfully. So, opt for the advertising platform wisely and see the sales figure soaring.

Get the detail information on New Cat 311F RR Excavator and use it

Are you going to start your own business?  Well, it is a very good decision but you need to be very careful on choosing the right field. Construction business is the best business arena that can bring huge success for you within short time. Therefore, you should try to indulge in this business in order to get success and make money. Running a construction site is not an easy job, you need to be very careful and buy the perfect heavy equipments to maintain your work site. There are many heavy machines that help to continue your work in your site. Without the help of such heavy machines you cannot work properly in the construction site. Among the other popular machines excavator is the most popular one. It helps the workers to dig the field properly and enjoy the best services. The latest cat 311F RR excavator is the best machine that is powered by 70 net horsepower. It has 4B engine that provides great performance and is highly standard.


Features of the machine:

  • It is a very useful machine that has 5,400 pounds of counterweight. So it is a very strong and stable machine that can easily handle difficult heavy duty works.
  • It comes with a unique design that actually creates space for a full size cab. All these features help to improve its productivity and help the operator to work with it comfortably.
  • It is a fuel efficient machine that helps the workers to perform their work smoothly. It has a useful hydraulic system which actually helps to work properly.
  • This Cat 311F RR excavator has unique engine along with idle shutdown feature and different performance levels which are adjustable. With the help of these features the excavator work properly and give many advantages.
  • This cat 311F RR excavator is very environment friendly machine because it runs on biodiesel as well.
  • The small cab of this equipment offers easy controls, great visibility and large service doors.  So, it is safe and comfortable to work with this machine.

The all new cat 311f RR excavator has the best features that help it to work smoothly. Its innovative features ensure the stability of the heavy duty cab’s structure. Its undercarriage is made of high tensile steel elements which make sure that it can perform for many years and many applications. Its internal components are made flawlessly so it works properly. So, this equipment can be the most useful equipment for your site.


You should definitely purchase this machine to enjoy its smooth and perfect work. It helps you to perform your work easily.




Skipping Monthly Maintenance Can Deteriorate The Quality Of An Equipment

The heavy equipment working on the site has to go through a lot on a daily basis. For instance an excavator which is given the job to dig the earth becomes covered with dust by the end of the day and if it is not washed properly, it may start developing problems. This instance suggests that we need to clean the equipment daily if it is completely drenched in dirt. But it also needs something more than just a mere washing. It is very important to service the machine at least once in a month. By servicing a machine, it implies that an expert hand is required to undo the parts of the machine so that it can go to the depth of it and wipe away the dust that gets accumulated in the most interior parts of the machine.

It is not particularly the engine that needs to be taken care the most. It is perhaps the overall stuff that needs to be properly checked and if anything seems to be not working up to the mark needs to be replaced by a workable part.  Let us first do a “Root Cause Analysis” of why do we need to service the machine and then we may talk about how we maintain it.

Not cleaning the machine may pave way for the dust to settle in the most interior parts of the machine:-  We all have seen how a construction site looks like. It’s way too dusty and becomes almost suffocating for a person to stand in and work all day. Imagine what a machine has to go through. Just because it can’t react doesn’t means it doesn’t go through complications. Not trying to win any human sentiments, machines convey a lot to us through its performances. If it is not washed daily, there are high chances of dust getting settled down in the most interior parts of the machine causing blockage. With time, this will deteriorate the quality of the parts of the machine which eventually will make the part obsolete. Getting a new part in the mid of work will day the entire day’s productivity for a toss and will eventually lead to losses to the business.

May result in blockage in the engine:-  The dust may settle down near the engine blocking the flow of oil to the engine. That will cause more friction in the piston which will ultimately crack down the engine.

Certain preemptive steps should be taken to minimize the problem and that could be done only through servicing the machine on a monthly or on need-on basis.

Follow the manual stringently:-  The user-manual gives you plenty of steps that can be taken to prevent any complication with the machine. One should make it a rule to read the user manual before he starts using it. It also states how one should keep the machine to increase its longevity.

Take help of an expert to get things fixed:-  If there happens to be any problem with the machine, it’s prudent to take help of an expert to get it fixed. Please don’t try to fix it yourself or you may make it worst.

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Things One Must Consider Before Renting Their Heavy Equipment

As the construction companies are increasing rapidly, the demand of heavy equipment is also rising high. Conduct a construction site and perform several types of works you need to take help from heavy equipment. It helps to accomplish the works faster and smoother. However, the cost of such machines is too high for common people; therefore, sometimes they need to take help from the renting services. People can rent different heavy equipment to complete their job. Whether you want to start a new small project that needs few machines or you are going to organize a big project with hundreds of workers renting heavy equipment can be really helpful.

But, before you are getting ready to take renting services, there are a number of things that you should consider. Whether you want to rent a crane or excavator, you need to know the proper ways of handling the machines. There are always some risks that can harm your work as well as the machine. Thereby, it is advisable to follow the proper guidelines before applying for the renting services. In this article, you will find out some basic points that help you to hire or rent heavy machineries. Take a look –

  • One of the most important things that you need to check before renting equipment is whether the owner of the machine follow the essential health and safety guidelines or not.  As you are going to rent this machine for your work, thereby, it is highly essential to check whether it is in the right condition or not. Heavy equipment is very useful in construction sectors. Thereby, you need to follow the safety and standard regulations. You should give main priority to the quality of the machine and not over price. If there is any problem in the equipment then you should check it first because it can cause many problems later.


  • You also need to check the liability insurance and take care of it. If there is any problem with the machine then you will be responsible for it. So, if you have any insurance then you at least can cover the damages. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to maintain the machine because it will take huge money. When you are going to rent a machine you should get insurance first.



  • Each machine comes with different parts that help the workers to handle different types of works. Thereby, when you are going to rent an excavator then you should know how to operate it. There are many specialized workers who are well trained and can help you in your works. In this way you will be able to know the right way of working with a machine. You should also try to get good information on the company before taking rent from them.

These are the few things that you need to consider before renting heavy equipment. This will definitely help you in many ways.

Constantly Repairing Heavy Equipment- Keep It or Do Away With It?

Heavy construction equipment need a very constant and continuous care. As the equipment have to perform very hectic task throughout a day, including the demolition of the dilapidated buildings and removing the debris and the other heavy duty works. On the one hand, the cost of the heavy construction equipment is very huge, and therefore it becomes quite difficult for the buyers to cope with the expenses; and on the other hand, the maintenance cost for the heavy construction equipment is also very huge and does not leave the buyer’s monthly list of tasks.

Why Does the Heavy Construction Equipment Need Repair?

The heavy construction equipments have to perform very strenuous and hectic work at the construction sites. From carrying the raw materials to removing the debris, all depends on the heavy construction equipment. Therefore, whenever there is damage, the equipment needs a repair. The damage can take place in the internal parts, to the fuel tank to the wires and cords. If it is a fuel leakage, then it is very important that it is repaired from the very beginning. If there is an electrical damage that has taken place, then the equipment will not even work, then that also needs immediate repair. Any delay will damage the entire work that is in progress. Repairing plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the service that the heavy construction equipment provides.

Repairing Heavy Construction Equipment- For How Long?

Is your heavy equipment in need of constant repair? Is it not functioning well? If yes, then it is probably time that you replaced it. Heavy equipment is the most important part of the construction without a doubt. On them rests the productivity of an entire construction unit. In such a situation if you find that your equipment is in need of constant repair and is not able to deliver the productivity expected out of it. What will you do then?

Since, they are subject to constant wear and tear it is not at all surprising that the heavy equipment needs maintenance more than anything else. You might have noticed that the rate of productivity of brand new equipment is much higher than the repaired one. And it does not really take a genius to figure out the rate of productivity is much lower when the repaired heavy equipment is subject to another repair and another and another. So, it cannot really be called a wise decision to retain such a machine for a long period of time.

One could also cite economical reasons for doing away with such machines. Constant repair of heavy equipment implies a constant expenditure on the part of the company. This means that a substantial portion of the profit earned by the company goes into repairing the whole thing. Now, this exactly cannot be said to be prudent. It is, therefore, best to do away with such faulty equipment and replace it with something worthwhile.