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Tips on Becoming Great Heavy Equipment Fleet Manager

When you are dealing with heavy equipment and it is the most important part of your business then you should definitely know how to take care of it. Proper maintenance is very important to keep the equipment strong and fit. A fleet maintenance manager of heavy equipment can repair the vehicles of an organization. Fleet includes construction equipment, vehicles and many more things. Proper education and experience is highly required for a fleet manager. There are many employers who require fleet manager to control their sites. However, he needs to have a high school diploma and bachelor’s degree.  Here are some following rules that help you to become a fleet maintenance manager.

Finish a Training Program or Degree

It is very important to find out a reliable fleet maintenance manager who has a good degree on this ground. Fleet maintenance managers generally start their journey as vehicle mechanics.  You can definitely judge a mechanic by his work ability. But sometimes, employers want to see some post secondary training of this field for this job. Moreover, you can get a certificate program or a degree on this field. If you can manage to complete a training program with a specialized degree then you can definitely get a good job of fleet manager of heavy equipment.

Increase your work experience as a mechanic

If you want to get success in life as a fleet manager of heavy equipment then you should definitely improve your work experience as a mechanic. Most of the employers appoint feet manager who has good experience of a fleet mechanic for many years. In this job, a fleet manager also gets chances to increase his experience in budgeting and other computer works. Employers usually want to hire a person as the fleet maintenance manager who has good leadership quality, can communicate with others properly and also have excellent managerial skills.

Professional certification:

When you are going to handle the job of a fleet manager of a company then it is important that you should have a professional certification. It is a huge responsibility that you need to follow. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself for that and take proper training. As there are a number of training centers that offer this course so you don’t have to wait for anything. You can easily get the address of a training center which can assist you to get the professional certification.

Know the techniques, improve your behaviour and learn the skills:

It is your duty to learn the different techniques of managing your office. As you are going to become a fleet maintenance manager of heavy equipment so you have to know the different parts of different equipment. It is also important to know the processes of controlling the heavy equipment. You have to improve your behaviour and skill to protect the equipment.


These are the few tips that help you to become a good, reliable heavy equipment fleet manager.






Safety protocol one needs to follow in a construction site

A construction site encounters damage and destruction to concrete as well as use of heavy equipment. It is very likely that unfortunate events and accidents occur on a construction site. Therefore it is very important to maintain certain safety measurements on the site so that no mishap takes place due to the construction.

Most common accidents that take place on the construction site are:

  • If someone falls to the place where excavation has been done and there has been a collapse, then there can be a serious threat to the life of the person.
  • There have also been events where workers get stuck into the material that has been poured into the hollow in order to fill the excavation.
  • Heavy equipment driven into the excavated zone can also cause severe damage by bringing a collapse to the site.
  • Heavy equipment emitting harmful fumes can also cause accidents.
  • If there is a flood on the construction site, it is very likely that many accidents can occur.

Safety measures:

  1. If there is an excavation or trench, it should be made sure that the sides of the excavation are sloped to a 45° angle. To prevent any collapse, the trench should be supported by timber.
  2. For stopping the vehicles or heavy equipment from sliding into the trench, a stop block that is well anchored should be placed.
  3. Lights are very important at a construction site. Inadequate light causes many accidents and a little care can stop them very easily.
  4. To make sure that there is no possibility of the workers to fall from the construction heights even if they slip from the edge, there should be a well knit net platform spread adjacent to the building that will save them.
  5. In case the workers are working inside the excavated site, and there is a flood, or a poisonous fume generating inside the excavation, it is very important that there is an easy and swift way out from the excavation. At every frequent gap, there should be a ladder to escape the trench in emergency.

Other safety measures:

When the workers are working in the excavation, many a times accidents occur due to the storage of materials on the surface of the trench. Heavy load of these materials makes the timber support lose their strength or even the side walls also lose their support and there occurs a slide of the walls and all those construction materials into the trench. So, construction materials should be kept away from the excavation sites. Workers should work as a team, so that if there is any mishap, the others can at least try to save them. Signalling system must be very strong. First aid and ambulance must be available at the construction site to manage any damage or loss. All the heavy equipment like excavators, cranes and others must be checked before use. Trained and professional workers only should working at the construction site.


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Maintain the hydraulic system properly in order to get the best performance from your heavy equipment

Due to the growing demand of construction business and other heavy works the necessity of heavy equipment has become very high. People keep such equipment in their work place in order to perform the work more smoothly. While you have to carry huge loads containing all the dirt and other wastage things of your place then it is obvious that you will need the help of some heavy equipment.

Vacuum truck:

Among the other heavy machines vacuum truck plays a significant role in the society. It actually helps to clear the dirt or garbage that create awful ambience during the time of storm.  Not only has that it also helped to accomplish several other works. While this machine can take care of any kind of material therefore it is really essential to maintain it properly and take care of its every part so that it can deliver the same performances. Hydraulic system is the most important part of this machine thereby you have to provide a regular maintenance to this equipment. The mechanical parts of such heavy equipment have some valuable functions. It is the crucial powerhouse that handles all the other components of the machine. In case of the vacuum truck it helps to move the boom and place it in a good position. Hydraulic system also helps to operate the lock system which actually takes care of the huge trap door. Due to the fact that this truck carry some of the huge substances therefore it is really necessary to perform a proper maintenance on its different parts in order to prevent damages.


Wheel loader:

It is also same in case of wheel loader. Wheel loader is also very important equipment, working great on the construction sites. The main part of this system is the hydraulic system. Even a small failure of it can cause huge problems and also stop the system to work properly. To give great services and last for a long time it is important to take care of it properly. If you can give your full attention to the maintenance of this system then you will get the maximum performance from this. Therefore, you have to learn the proper ways of maintain the hydraulic system of heavy equipment.

Why is the maintenance so important for the hydraulic system?

Through a regular maintenance you will not only be able to get amazing services and great performances but also it will not break down frequently. The machine will be perfect and will ready to perform nicely. If you can do the maintenance properly then you will be able to save your money from any extra repairing costs. However you need to consider certain things before practising any kind of maintenance such as its condition, performance, structure etc.
The main causes of the failure of hydraulic system:


The two most popular causes that help to discard the system are mechanical failure or hydraulic fluid contamination. This hydraulic system failure happens due to the present of any other material into the fluid. Normally, the inside of the hydraulic system should be clear from other materials.


If you can maintain such things carefully then your machine will remain perfect and give amazing services.

Get the detail information on the current state of U.S. Construction Industry Index

Many big economists observed that the economic indicators were not good at the end of the 2012. So, it definitely not promises a good strong growth for 2013. Therefore, it was really important to take a step so that you can overcome such phases and get back the solid economic growth in the next following years. As U.S government has taken strong steps against it so in the recent time, economy has been improved and the industry of construction is rapidly growing. Though it was really slow during the time of recession in 2009, but still the reputed economists predict that it will definitely improve in 2014.

When you are discussing on the economic growth of a country then it is really important to know the GDP that is the gross domestic product. It is the main function that helps to measure the economic growth of a country. The GDP growth of U.S construction industry was 2.8 percent in 2012 which becomes 2.2 percent during the mid-2013. As per the forecasts reports to be believed that the GDP will be below the margin level in 2013. But the result of the third quarter became strong as 3.6 percent. Therefore, in the 2014 the GDP will reach 3 percent and it will definitely help the construction industry to increase and improve their business.

People who are engaged with this business should carefully follow the QE bond, as there can be some important changes. Stock market, inflation and interest rates can face some negative results. However, there are many positive sides as well such as state tax revenues are really increasing. Thereby, it can be a very good situation for the construction businessman.

GDP growth of different states for 2012 was good except Connecticut (-0.1%). The recovery is really strong in some of the states. The energy sector is a remarkable contributor with North Dakota (13.4%), California (3.5%) and Texas (4.8%) as the best performing states. Four states that share minimum growth of 0.2 percent are Delaware, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Many big construction companies are looking forward to the huge growth in this year. The McGraw Hill Construction Company which is a part of the McGraw Hill companies has released their business plan for this year. The report gives a clear image of the hike that is going to start in this year in the construction industry.  So this is the best time to establish your business.

If you are planning to progress your business in the construction industry then it is the high time. You will get many opportunities to increase your business areas. You should take care of your business and take the advantages of recent times so that you can establish what you want to in the near future.

Do Not Compromise On The Quality OF Heavy Equipment Even If It’s Slightly Out Of Budget

We live in a generation where we give a lot of importance to quality rather than quantity. We prefer to have the best of services and are ready to pay the cost for it. This has been the trend of today’s people and to a larger extent this trend seems to be benefitting the entire mass. If we look at things from the business perspective, we are bound to cater our clients with the best of produces unparallel with the products of our competitors. If we look in the construction business with a macro view point, we will see that it is not just us but also our competitors who are in the race to cater worthy finished goods to the same bunch of clients to whom we have targeted. This means that they definitely wants to stay in the business and will therefore we will see but throat competition throughout times. If we are focused to build quality buildings, then we inevitably have to use the best of equipment available in the market. Prominent landmarks can’t be built only with sheer determination. It also needs good infrastructure to support it. Same is the case with building high rises. You can’t build high rises with just good employees who are motivated to work for you. You also need good heavy equipment to support your cause. Research on heavy equipment is pivotal:- Heavy equipment manufacturing companies have come up with number of equipment for different uses. Some of them are used for multiple reasons. So, it is instrumental to understand the utility of the machine before you make a deal for it. Do some research on heavy equipment and simultaneously know your project well. Understand the requirements of your project and take a sound decision. Also foresee the utility of that equipment in future projects. You got to take a lot many things into consideration before you take a call on it. Approach banks for loans if you are running short of funds:- Once you have identified the equipment you require and see yourself short of funds, it would be prudent to get in touch with a bank to take a loan. If you have projects in hand and a sound plan to execute those projects, no bank would want to deny you the loan. The bank also understand that you give more importance to the quality of machines you use in your domain and thereby can figure it out that you’re taking your stuffs seriously than anything else. Compare rate of interest with other banks:- Even before you approach a bank for a loan; it is advisable that you browse the net and check at what rate you can avail loans from banks. Not all banks lend money at the same rate of interest. Banks differ minutely on interest rates and also on term of payments. You shall approach the bank which offers loan at lower interest rate. However, please note that such banks should not charge you with any hidden costs or service fee which is exorbitantly higher than other financial institutions.

What Are The Various Safety Protocol One Should Follow Inside A Construction Site

Safety is perhaps one of the most important things that one would not like to compromise on and especially when you are associated with an industry that has high risk involved in it. Construction and mining industries are one such industries where the chances of an accident happening is much higher than compared to any other industry and which is why employees are required to follow the safety measures more stringently. They just can’t compromise on safety parameters and have to make sure that they wear all the accessories that will keep them safe and sound on the field. As a matter of fact, accidents are merely the outcome or carelessness and utter negligence and if that can be curtailed, many accidents can be avoided. It is better to be safe than sorry, this should be the only mantra for workers working in this kind of positions.

Here we would be discussing about the various safety protocols that one could implement in his company to avoid unwanted incidences.

Wearing of safety accessories:-  There are many construction companies which do not pay much heed to wearing of safety accessories and allow their workers to take unwanted risks. The workers on the other hand may not know the importance of these accessories and take the risk not knowing that if anything goes wrong, there is every possibility of them getting killed. It is therefore should be mandatory for every construction company to ask their employees to wear the required safety accessory in order to get the work done. Remember that losing an employee would cost you more than keeping a constant check and ensuring that they are on with their stuffs. Moreover, it will also keep you away from any legal hassle.

Give them the right sort of training:-  A good number of your employees many not even know how to apply first aid to a person who has just had an accident. They would rather wait for the ambulance to come in and pick the person away. That makes the job of the doctor pretty hard and leaves a strong possibility of the person getting killed. In order to avoid this, it makes more sense to train your employees on how to give first aid and also show them some demonstrations. It would be a good option to let them try few of the things they have learnt. Things you learn inside the training room may turn out to be very different when you actually need to do it in practical.

Ensure the supervisor do their job well:-  You should keep able and competent people as supervisors who understands the importance of employees safety and also makes sure that the employees follow the safety guidelines given to them.

Accidents are inevitable but can be largely contained:-  Accidents don’t call up and come and therefore one can’t make sure that they are 100% accident protected. However, by following the safety guidelines, one can definitely bring down the number of accidents and keep the employees in a minimal risk environment.

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Tips on How to stop Heavy Equipment Theft

Theft of an essential commodity especially something that comes handy in your day to day activity can be really irking and then you got to leave your work and run from pillar to post to lodge a complaint with the police, try to work things out with the insurance company and to add salt to the wound, you are out of work till the time you seek a replacement for the stolen equipment. This is something which you would never want to happen in your business but these things happen unwillingly and the owners pay the price for it.

Let us first understand what makes stealing heavy equipment a lucrative business for the thieves. How much do they gain from the deal and what do they do with the stolen equipment. We all know by now that heavy equipments are the most expensive equipment required in the construction domain and they always have a resale value attached to it. Moreover, if the machine is in good working condition, then the value simply multiplies. Stealing heavy equipment can give them good deal of money in a single shot, which means that they do not have to work hard in stealing things which are less valuable and for which they are more at risk of getting caught. All they have to do is make a healthy plan to steal heavy equipment from a construction site and find ways and means to sell it off to a buyer in a different city or ship it to a different country.

In this bargain, they earn more with minimum effort and also take less risk. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and National Equipment Register, it has been estimated that equipment theft differs from 300 million USD to 1 billion USD on an annual basis. This is indeed a huge figure. Reading this, many would want to leave their existing business and join the thugs. (Said on a lighter note) Well, it has become very important to ensure that you discourage the thieves stealing your stuff by training your staff on how to prevent robberies of heavy equipments, installing cameras at different places of the project site, installing other devices that will throw signals to you confirming its current location. This way you will be able to track the machine and in this process may also catch the thieves’ red handed.

Register your equipment to make it identifiable:-  It is not mandatory to register your equipment and this makes the work simple for the crooks. You have your stuff unregistered and once it gets stolen, you have no other means to get it back as there is no record of that machine. This also gives a hard time to the cops to trace your machine. You should therefore register your equipment and also try to engrave some markings on the equipment which will help the cops to indentify your machine.

Install cameras around the construction site:-  As heavy equipments are big in size, no thief can go unwatched from the eyes of the camera if they attempt to steal the machine. You can also spend on security personnel to guard the equipments during nights.

Why is it Prudent to Buy Used Paving Equipment – Read This to Know More

Heavy equipment – be it an excavator or a bulldozer or for that matter any sort of construction equipment that is used for building projects are quite expensive and it often burns a hole in the pocket of the buyer. There are many small time construction companies as well as contractors who are unable to buy brand new heavy equipment just for the simple reason that they are pretty expensive and if they dare to buy one machine, they will have a hard time in taking care of the finances of the company. This being the situation, they mostly rely on used construction equipment. It is not that used equipment are readily available at a low price but they are definitely available at a price way less than the brand new ones and therefore, these small time contractors find it suitable to buy used ones rather than new stuff.

Here we would be discussing why one should buy used paving equipment and what could be the possible source from where he can buy them.

Before you start looking to buy paving equipment, it’s more important to understand few things about it. Firstly, one should always consider the pneumatic rollers over any other form of rollers. The reason is they have rubber over the ties which allows good base to the user before paving and also improves the look of the work once it’s done. It also helps to get a better density during paving which overall eases the work for the worker.

A pneumatic roller unlike the steel drum roller provides versatility to the machine and also helps them to oscillate better. You may not find this sort of perfection finishing in any other form of paving equipment.

It has been seen that users who have bought a pneumatic roller first hand, uses it quite tenderly and also services the machine at regular intervals. Therefore, it is more likely that the quality of the equipment would be better than seeking a similar one that has changed many hands. Other than that, you always have the option to negotiate the price with the original buyer and still can be assured that you are buying something that is worth all your money. In order to locate such a person, you need to know avenues from where you’ll find them.

You can check out for pneumatic rollers on online shopping portals where you’ll come across several types of heavy equipment at real good price. If you want you can contact the seller directly and check if you can pay a visit to him to see the machine. Once you schedule a meeting, make sure that you are accompanied by a person who knows the in and out of this kind of equipment who can test the quality of the stuff and can give you an unbiased feedback.

Once you are convinced that you are setting yourself into a good deal, just complete the deal and buy the machine. Websites like these are a huge success these days that is only increasing its popularity in the country.




Want To Become Heavy Equipment Dealer? Read On To Know More!

As there has been a constant need for heavy construction equipment in the market, it is quite a good idea to become a dealer in this field. However, it is not quite known to everyone in this field, how to become a dealer. The sales and profit of any manufacturing company largely depends on the dealer, therefore, the companies consider quite some factors before giving dealership to a business. When you become a franchise of a certain brand or company, it will not only make your business grow, but also creates a good relationship of the dealer with the manufacturing company. It has become quite a good business option for most of the people in all over the world that does not require too much of arrangements to begin the business. If you want to be authorized dealer of any company, then you must follow a few simple rules:

  • Become educated in the field:

When you decide to become a heavy construction equipment selling dealer, you have to prepare yourself for the task. Although there is no specific degree for the course, when you decide to become a sales authority or an authorized dealer, you must be learned about the rules and regulations, working principles and the engineering methods of the equipment, so that if there is a problem or question in the buyer’s mind, you are able to answer it.

  • Become a member of a trade organization:

There are many trade organisations in the heavy construction equipment manufacturing and sales industry. If you become a member of a similar trade organisation, then you can add credibility to your profile. Some of the organizations among them are the North American Building Material Distribution Association and American Road and Transportation Builders Association, Associated Equipment Distributors and many others.

  • Be willing to increase the business:

When you become a dealer of a heavy construction equipment manufacturing company, you have to be willing enough to provide constant support to the buyers and customers. Solving all the problems of the customers and giving them services is very important for a dealership.

  • It is a high profile job:

As the heavy construction equipment manufacturing company are one of the most expensive product manufacturing companies, when your dealership grows, automatically their business grows. Thus the dealers can get high profits through their business. But when you begin the business, you have to start with a good capital amount as the products do not come for a very affordable cost.

If you think that you can fulfil all these factors, then you are a very appropriate choice for the dealership business of any heavy construction manufacturing company. Send your application for dealership of any construction equipment manufacturing brand and be an authorized dealer very soon.

Ensure the Long Life of Your Heavy Equipment- Maintain the Fuel System

Heavy equipment are an indispensible part of the construction industry as those involved in the field must be well aware of. And needless to say, the fuel system is one of the most important aspects of the heavy equipment without which it will cease to operate. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that you take proper care of the heavy equipment fuel system.

Why Is The Proper Maintenance Of Heavy Equipment Fuel System Important?

Now the big question- why is it so important to maintain the fuel system of the heavy equipment? It does not really take a genius to figure out the importance of heavy equipment in the smooth operation of the construction industry. And heavy equipment can only function well when its fuel system is in perfect order. And for this to happen, the role of proper maintenance of heavy equipment is undeniable.

Now, maintaining the fuel system is not that difficult a deal provided one follows certain maintenance steps regularly. Much of the maintenance issues revolve around the proper selection of fuel and maintenance of the system. Cleanliness is an important factor as contaminated fuel can damage the system to an extent that one may find a bit difficult to think about.

What Are The Possible Ways Of Maintaining The Fuel System Of Heavy Equipment?

Perhaps the very first thing that you need to understand in this context is that each and every fuel system is different from the other. Therefore, each and every fuel system will have different maintenance issue. However, it is also true that certain maintenance factors are common for all the heavy equipment fuel systems on the block.

  • Fuel, more specifically diesel fuel begins degrading after a certain point of time leading to the formation of certain “organic” elements within the fuel system, thereby, clogging it. And needless to say, all of these affect the working of your heavy equipment. It is, therefore, best to opt for fuels of top notch quality. It would also be best if you change the fuel filters at regular intervals to ensure proper filtration.
  • It is also important to eliminate all traces of water so as to eliminate the possibilities of both the growth of microbes as well as causing corrosion to the system. So, keep track of the level of water in your water separator and empty it of water regularly.
  • Though bio-degradable fuel are environmental friendly and probably every eco friendly person out there will endorse it, the fact remains that the rate of it’s degradation is faster than that of petroleum based fuels. So, make your choices wisely for a healthy fuel system.
  • Make sure that the fuel tank of the heavy equipment is free of cracks, holes or rust, so as to reduce the chances of dirt entering into the system as well fuel leaking out.
  • It is also best to refill the fuel tank of the heavy equipment with absolutely clean fuel so as to reduce the damage to the fuel system. Make sure that you fill your fuel tank with absolutely fresh fuel and not used one.