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Auctions of Heavy Equipments

Auctions of Heavy Equipments

Heavy equipments are highly expensive items and construction companies basically look to rent them to other companies who want them for a fixed period of time or simply want to sell them off to big construction companies who are always in the look for acquiring heavy equipments that are in good order. So if you have something good to offer them, you will always find buyers around you waiting to get a good deal from you. Getting buyers is no difficult task; however getting good money from those buyers could be a tough one. In order to deal with this, we would be discussing few things that you may find handy before the putting the last nail in the coffin.

In general, there are 2 ways which are widely adopted by sellers to auction heavy equipments.

Online Auction:  We would be discussing in length about the effectiveness of listing heavy equipments in an online auction site. Online auctions sites helps you reach to a good number of prospective buyers which is perhaps not possible through any other medium. This not only ensures a good customer base for you but also enables you to sell the item at its desired value. By keeping into consideration the interests of both the buyer as well as the seller, it maintains a safe environment for both the parties and ensures that there is no place for any fraudulent activities on their site.

Other than that, by listing your item on the auction site, the buyer who bids the most wins the item. It eventually means that the price of the item only increases which leaves the seller making good amount of money from the deal. To list your item in an online auction site, it’s very important to first choose an auction company that understand your company and it goals synchronize with yours. Once you have outlined the company, things start getting simpler for you. You then need to understand their policies on selling and the fees that will be charged to you for selling the items on their site.

Most online sites are user friendly which means they lend equal support to both buyer as well as the seller. Also check the feedback score of the buyer. If the bidder has an exceptional feedback score, it in a way ascertains the bidder is genuine and you can call off the bid in the middle and sell the stuff to the highest bidder. Selling heavy equipments online has become a lot simpler than what it was few years ago.

Classified Ads:  This is another widely followed method of selling heavy equipments. All you have to do is post an ad in the local newspaper or trader journals and you’ll have your phone ringing throughout the day. Though selling stuffs online always has an edge over other platforms, there are still sellers who depend intently on Classified Ads.

Save Our Environment, Go Green – Start Using heavy Equipment with Electric Engines

It’s high time that we start thinking about our environment which is with every passing day is only getting more and more polluted. The reasons are many but the steps taken to tackle the menace are negligible. It’s certainly our responsibility to take up this issue in our hands and look for preventive measures. In construction business, we make use of these heavy equipments which emanates poisonous gases which is quite harmful to us. The companies due to known reasons are more interested in seeing these machines work all day long. However, the fact that irregular maintenance is deteriorating the quality of the engine which in turn is the cause of emission of black smoke and other poisonous gases in the environment which is sufficient enough to make us sick. You can simply imagine the scene in a construction site where you see a number of such machines emitting smoke. It also becomes hard for the people working there to breathe causing numerous health issues.

Keeping this in view, some heavy equipment companies have come up with some models which have hydraulic electric engines which claim to have zero emissions of poisonous gases. Nevertheless, they are still in testing phase. Moreover, it also increases the price of the machine which does hurts the costing of the company. A company may spend “X” amount on procuring heavy equipments that run on diesels but in order to do their bit for the environment, they have to shell out more which many are not ready to do. It seems that slowly and steadily, construction and mining companies are coming out of the grove and are accepting the new model of using electric engines but the ratio is too less. At the same time, the government is not playing a decisive role in implementing any law which compels these companies to start using heavy equipments with electric engines.

This concept of equipments being new has number of ambiguity around it. One does not know the durability of the machines. Though the manufacturers give tall claims about their machines, yet it becomes significant to see how good they can stand on their claims. Since this new technology has been introduced, it talks loud about increasing the efficiency of the machine and also saves on expenses that are incurred from the consumption of fuel. It would be rather good to see such machines taking on the construction site in the next few years and alternatively if such engines can even make their way on the roads thus replacing vehicles that runs on gas.

Implementation of this new technology solely depends on the fact that whether it’s going to be profitable for the companies manufacturing them and at the same time shows its worth to its users. This very condition plays a pivotal role in replacing the old models and making its place in the automation industry. Alternatively, the government should also play its part in encouraging the use of this new technology in the machines. Incentives should be given to tax payers using this technology. This will act as an impetus and will drive many in changing their models and going for eco clean technology.

Don’t Keep Your Roller with Loose Tracks – Enrich the Life of Your Heavy Equipment

Do you walk while dragging your feet on the ground? You certainly do not because if you do then that erosion deteriorates the quality of the shoes you are wearing. The same goes for your heavy equipment. You can’t afford to have loose tracks for your roller or else that will finish off the life of the roller. The machine which would have otherwise worked for many years will lose its potency in few years. In a construction company, machines are their main assets because it is because of these equipments that they can get their work done so quickly and are running in huge profits. Hence it becomes utter important to take care of these machines and not letting them get ruined because of loose tracks. So what needs to be done in order to prevent the machines from having loose tracks?
Maintaining your machine:- This is one of the most significant step one needs to take to see his machine working hard in the site for years. Proper maintenance of the machine will take care of the wear the tear it had to go through on a daily basis and will bring it back in shape just when you need it the most. Simple maintenance work such as adjusting the track or lubricating it at regular intervals as advised by the experts and timely inspection of the track are some of the steps which one should take in order to ensure that they are in good shape.
Adjusting the tracks:- Proper care should be taken while adjusting the tracks. If it is too tight, it will lead to unwanted friction between the bushing and the pins. This happens soon after the tracks begin to rotate. As a result of this friction, it kills the quality of the pins, bushings and other component causing a pain to the operator as well as to the person who owns the machine. The friction also reduces the horsepower of the machine. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be left loose. Loose tracks will injure the carrier rollers and other things that support it during rolling. If the machine moves reverse, the problem might turn bigger. The drive sprockets will slide over the bushings of the track and this will lead to rapid wear and tear of the sprockets and bushings.
How to determine if the tracks are set properly:- This could be pretty informative and you might want to try doing this. You have to place a straightedge over the idler and the front carrier roller. Please ensure that you remove all the slack from the track. Now take a ruler and measure right from the top of the track shoe to the very end of the straightedge. You can then refer to the manufacturer’s manual for correct measurements. You can follow this method of measuring the track on the field or else if you have the time to call an expert who can get this done, you should do that as well. This was just hands-on information on how you can maintain your machine and avoid problems like loose tracks.

How Much of Fuel Does My Heavy Equipment Consume

In order to make profits in your business, you would want your machines to give you more work and consume less fuel. However, most of the time, it’s contrary to what we expect. With fuel prices on the rise, we apparently do not have a technology that runs these machines on something which does not hurt our pocket. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to empower yourselves with the knowledge of technologies that can help you in your endeavour to save money on fuel. The question is from where we can get information of such new devices that reduces the consumption of fuel in heavy equipments. We would be discussing this in details and will try to cover the easiest ways by which one can save money on fuel.
Do away with the old ones:- Instead of keep on dragging your old machine which badly needs some sort of upgrades, it would be wise enough to just do away with the old piece and get a new one. The machines manufactured in today’s time are equipped with numerous gadgets that are eco friendly and give more stress on various fuel saving measures. You may also want to consider renting out your old equipments to small time contractors and get new ones in place of them.
Heavy equipments that moves on electricity:- Heavy equipments manufacturers are already in the phase of producing machines that work on electricity. This will result in zero consumption of fuel and will also cease releasing of poisonous gases in the environment. These machines are still in the trial phase and may need some time to capture the attention of potential buyers. Other than this, it is also expected that these machines would be very expensive. This might be something that may go negative with the heavy equipments and may also deter construction or mining companies to go for the deal. The heavy equipment manufacturing companies should seek every possible measure to ensure that the price of the equipments do not shoot up than the ones available today.
Once we have everything in place and the companies start producing green heavy equipments (it’s the name given for the machines that runs on electricity), we’ll find them to be more productive with marginal expenses on maintenance. All you need to be doing is charge the batteries of the machine at regular intervals and it will work all day long.
Keep browsing net for devices that reduces the consumption of fuel:- As long as we do not have the “Green Heavy Equipments” available in the market, we have to look for alternatives that can be pretty effective in keeping down the consumption of fuel. These details are all available on the internet. You need to spend some time doing research on things like these. Once you catch hold on something which speaks about devices used to reduce the consumption of fuel, you can as well get the contact details of the dealers who sell them. You can reach out to them and apply those devices to see the difference.

Social Media – How Important It Is Pertaining To Heavy Equipments

We all want to stay connected at every moment of our life and which is why we have various forms of social networking sites available. These social networking sites are a part of the strong social media that is rampantly growing in our lives and it is supposedly growing for good. You will hardly come across a person who may not have an account with a social networking site. It’s all the same for a person not having his Social Security Number. Not having a SSN means one does not exist from the view point of the administration.

Let us try and understand the importance of social media in the field of heavy equipments. One may feel what role does social media plays with concern to heavy equipments. Well it does play a might big role. You let the consumers know that you exist from such sites and through other channels of social media. For companies who are into construction business and wants to sell their old heavy equipments online and perhaps doesn’t know how to get this done. They may make use of any of the social media to attract the attention of the consumers. For that matter, they may get in touch with an online shopping portal who on their behalf will advertise the product or they can just advertise their stuff online on their own.

For heavy equipment manufacturers, they can simply flash the link of their websites on the social networking site and can have people contact them. However, it is recommended that one should not make use of their personal account to advertise their product. They can certainly create an alternate account solely for business purpose and can use that account for advertising their products. The reason why one must not make use of their personal account to promote their businesses is because the people who are connected with him may find him too much business oriented and may give an impression that the person does not know to keep off his business from his personal life. That may not negative with him and others may start ignoring him. In order to avoid such an awkward situation, one may follow 2 different accounts.

One must be completely ready before putting their business on a social networking site. A heavy equipment dealer needs to first sort his website before start promoting it. An incomplete website can not only risk his business but also the reputation of the company he is dealing with. Hence there are few things which should be given due consideration before he lands up with a social media. He should make sure the design of his website is simple for a layman to understand and also alluring enough to attract people to enter his site. The information mentioned on the website is all current and if he gets an order, he should be in a position to fulfil the order. The kind of heavy equipments he deals with must be clearly mentioned on the website so that consumers do not feel they are trapped by making a deal with you.

Social media plays a very important role in each one of our lives. It has become a reason for businesses to flourish and perhaps will play a much bigger role in the future

Want to Buy an Excavator – Go For John Deere

John Deere is a company which is known for producing heavy machineries that is mainly used in construction, shipping and mining businesses. Right from bulldozers, loaders, excavators etc, it is renowned for producing quality products that lasts for many years. Many magazines related to heavy equipments have rated John Deere’s equipments as one of the best in the world and it plans to continue enjoying its reputation for many more years to come. John Deere as a company is customer oriented and always brings in new products after doing a thorough market research and by studying the growing needs of the consumers. This very attitude of the company has helped it to grow over the years.

We would be discussing the excavators manufactured by John Deere, speaking in details of its features, durability and efficiency.

John Deere has produced excavators of various models and they claim that each of their machine irrespective of the models they belong to have the sufficient degree of power and conviction to get the work done and can be relied onto with utter trust. The kind of productivity one can get from their excavator is unquestionable. Over the years, they have proved their metal in the heavy equipment industry and have won the confidence of all the contractors thus making them loyal to the brand.

John Deer’s 85D excavator is one such machine which is highly accepted and used by major contractors and big time construction companies. It is provided with a “heavy duty cooling system” which keeps things cool in the machine even when it’s operating in rough terrain or at high altitudes. The cabin given to the operator is quite roomy and has the comfort to move him without getting in contact with any levers lying around him. This also protects him from committing an accident in the workplace.

Some features of John Deer’s excavators are as follows:-

  • The swing boom provided to it can burrow parallel to walls, fences and roads. The sharp edges of the blade can easily dig the earth and make a hole by taking off the mud from there.
  • The machine can rotate 360 degree which allows it the flexibility to manoeuvre in highly confined places. Anything else than an excavator would find it difficult to work in extreme tight spaces.
  • It has those rubber pads at the bottom which helps it to move across concrete and thorny places without any dent.
  • It has been empowered with hydraulic engines which not only increases its power output but also saves on fuel and still outperforms as compared to machines of other companies.
  • It has those “box-constructed internal blade” that works great for grading and filling the mud in the bucket.
  • The levers installed in the cabin are well lubricated and can be moved with ease even though the machine is doing a back breaking laborious task.

Other reputed companies also have similar features that are offered by John Deere. However, the fact remains that the machines produced by John Deere has a longer life and doesn’t come up with chronic problems if it’s serviced at regular intervals.

Heavy Equipment Website – How Important It Is To Us?

With the advent of internet, our big world has become very small. We no longer depend on books (though there are people who still prefer books than internet) and hop on to our computer to find things out. If you come across something which is new to you, well it may be new to you but not to internet. Just switch on your computer and google it. There are plenty of search engines available who gives you related searches of the things you are looking for. This simple means you get a lot of options for your search and your knowledge is constrained on the findings of one particular person. You can dig as deep as you can and perhaps know things which are less known to others.

Let us take a situation. What if a person who is new to construction business wants to learn few things about it? Or for that matter he is seeking for information like the best institution from where he can learn about heavy equipments and can become a heavy equipment operator. This is where he may need internet more than anything else. Browsing the net can end his quest for the best institution available in his city. Nevertheless, there is something more important in getting this internet thing going and that is having a website.

A website on heavy machinery can be very helpful to the person who owns the website and also to the person who goes through it. The person who owns the website can post all sorts of information on heavy equipments on his website. He can mention the nature of business he possesses. For instance, if he is a small time contractor, then he may give a brief introduction of his business and will also list the kind of equipments available with him. He may also mention the kind of work he takes up to complete. Therefore for a person like him, having a website is of utter importance. Then we have those big heavy equipment manufacturing companies who are in the business of producing almost all sorts of machines and then market them worldwide. Their businesses flourish on their websites. The purchaser who is interested know about their machines would first seek information in their website and if he wants to make any contact with them, he may get the number from their site. You simply can’t imagine them conducting a business of such magnitude and having no website of theirs.

Companies can also list the name of their dealers on their website which allows others to know the authorized dealer in their city from where they can order the heavy equipments. In case a consumer has experienced a series of problems and has not got much help from the dealer or from the company, he can make use of their website and can post complain. Such complains are regularly read by the higher officials who ensure that they don’t have any unhappy consumer. They in turn will make sure that someone reverts on their complains and the fixes the issue immediately. Some companies also offer a facility like raising a ticket on complains. Once the ticket is raised, the service team of the company reaches the consumer and resolves their problem.

A company bigger or smaller in scale needs to ensure that they keep their websites up-to-date. Websites are the mirror of the company. It reflects the way the company operates and its position in the market.

How Can One Auction Heavy Equipments

There are many big construction and mining companies who have plenty of heavy equipments meant for performing various works. These machines though have a long life are often used by such companies for few years and are then sold to small time construction companies or to the contractors who are always on hunt for such deals. The reason for selling them is not that the machines no longer work. They sell it because the machines are in proper condition and they can presumably get a good price for it. These construction companies have different forums to sell the stuff. They can make use of internet and post the item there on their web site or can make use of some online bidding portal to sell the item. Alternatively, they can also post their item on classifieds both on the internet as well as on local newspapers. These are few of the widely known and used options available to them to sell their stuffs.

We would be speaking in length about each of the mode one can use to sell the machine.

Posting it on internet:-  Internet has made the world come closer. It is no longer necessary for you to deal with people from your locality. With the help of internet you can simply spread your wings wide enough to reach out to as many people you want. People throughout the globe will have access to your listing and anyone who is interested can go for the deal. However, some has experienced difficulties in shipping their product to far off places. Keeping that in mind, you may take a call on it and if at all you have ways to tackle the issue of selling it to someone located in a far-off location, you may as well go for it.

Posting an ad on the internet is fairly simple. All you got to do is register yourself on an online portal and be ready to upload few pictures of your item. You may also have to key in the features and specifications of your item on the auction site. Once that’s done, your part of the work is over. The listing will be followed by people all over the world. They will start bidding on it and that will eventually raise the price of the item. In case, you want to close the bid in the mid and sell the item to the highest bidder, you can do that. However before you close the bid, please confirm with the highest bidder if they want to go for it. You may also want to check the feedback score of the bidder. A feedback score is a mere reflection of the way the bidder does his business. A good feedback score means the bidder is a good buyer and will not default. You can definitely go ahead with the sale.

Posting ad on local news papers:-  If you’re targeting bidders from your city, you can list the equipment in a local newspaper. That will allow men from your city to place their bids on it. You need to mention the date and venue of the auction in the newspaper so that people interested in buying your stuff can gather on that day and bid on it.

Both the above mentioned methods of auction have worked well with many sellers. It only leads to getting a good price for your product.

From Where Did the Manufacturer Come With Different Names of Heavy Equipments?

If you are working in a construction or mining site, you would day in and day out hear names of different heavy equipments. You have to listen to names such as Bulldozers, Excavators, Loaders, Chip Spreader, and Road Paver on a daily basis. If you happen to become a mechanic of heavy equipment, then these names becomes an integral part of your life and you perhaps also want to name your children on the name of these machines. Well that was on a lighter note, nevertheless we at times think who must have given them the names they actually possess. Of course, these may definitely have some history behind them and some may feel unearthing the past is a waste of time. But at times, it has been fun as well. We won’t be digging too much into the past but would still give it a shot to find out how did they come up with such names.

It is coherently argued as to who made the first bull dozer. Some say that it was Benjamin Holt who invested the first bulldozer in 1904 while others say that it was a company in England that transformed its wheel steamed traction into a crawler. They also managed to get the patent for their invention. Till then, they did not come up with any name for their invention. As a matter of fact, both the inventions were merely traction engines and none of them could be called a bulldozer. Later, a gentleman by the name Hornsby came up with his version which looked a bit closer to what we know as a bulldozer. It was learnt that Hornsby sold his patent to Mr. Holt in the year 1913 and thus they gave it the name of a bulldozer.

If we dig a bit deeper, we also come to know that the blades of the bulldozer were being used before it was installed in any tractor.  The blades of the frame were harnessed on two mules and were made to work on the fields. Once they invented the tractors, the frame was taken off from the mule and fitted in the tractors thus giving a sort of relief to those poor animals.

It’s said that this was the foundation on which other heavy equipments were invented. Following the same design and making a bit of changes in its technology, these companies started producing other equipments and gave names that fit the character of the machine. To be precise, it would be very difficult to say how the heavy equipment manufacturers came up with these names as different people related to this subject has their own view points and therefore have their own beliefs backed by some logical reasoning. It has become a matter of huge discussion which leads to showing off of numerous documents as evidence, but that hardly proves anything. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are more interested in giving new designs and better technology to the consumers and in this shaping up the heavy equipment industry for better.

Hitachi Heavy Machines – Has Proved its Metal Over the Years

Hitachi Heavy Machines – Has Proved its Metal Over the Years

When you talk about quality machines, you have just one name with you. Hitachi heavy equipments has gone a long way in proving its metal to the entire world and gives a stiff competition to other heavy equipments manufactures. The companies with whom Hitachi shares competition are centuries old and have their foot formidably grounded. These companies were already known for their big machines and it takes lot of courage to start up something on the same lines, producing equipments of higher quality, increasing the efficiency and keeping par with the technological advancements. Hitachi has worked its way well over the years during which it had its share of tough times and experienced challenges thrust on it by the market forces. However, it dealt quite effectively with all of them and truly emerged as the market leader.

Hitachi is known for producing heavy equipments like Excavators, Crawler, Loader, etc. We would be briefly talking about the machines produced by this renowned brand called Hitachi.

Hitachi Excavators:  Excavators are also known as Diggers and are widely used to take off the debris from one place and dump it elsewhere. They are also used for digging a dugout, or setting up a foundation for a pillar. You may see these excavators in huge trenches particularly found in a construction site, removing mud and making a big hole in the earth to lay the foundation pillar. These days, most heavy equipment manufacturers have hydraulic excavators to perform the work. With the advent of technology, there are many changes that has been introduced to make the machine more user friendly and to also increase its efficiency.

Hitachi Crawlers:  Crawlers are again earth moving machines which are used in extreme rough terrain where other machines experience a hard time to operate. They have a rectangular bucket in the front which is aligned to the ground which helps the machine to take off the mud in the bucket and dump it. These machines are often seen in hilly terrain clearing off snow from the road. It also has the ability to climb inclines without losing its balance. The length of the bucket is around 23.5 feet. By this, one can imagine the quantity of mud, it can carry at one go. The engineers have taken special care to make the cabin spacious that allows the operator to move freely while he is working in it.

Hitachi Loader:  Loaders are very similar to Crawlers as they also have those big rectangular buckets lied on the ground. It also used as an earth moving machine and has the ability to move good quantity of mud at a time. It is used in a construction site to load the mud in the bucket and dump it. Like crawlers, it can also be used to clear snow off the road. It is also used for building roads, dams, bridges etc. Mining industry extensively uses Loader to clear off the materials from the site.

Lately, Hitachi has come up with home appliances and has established a good market base throughout the globe.