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Want to Rent Your Heavy Equipment – Know How to Do It

Want to Rent Your Heavy Equipment – Know How to Do It

You can always utilize other options like renting it for some months to a contractor who cannot afford to buy a brand new piece for operating his business.

Let us now understand the different ways through which a person can let others know about renting a machine.

List It On Internet:  In today’s time, we depend largely on internet. Right from shopping to getting information, internet has been an integral part of our lives. When we depend so much on internet, it becomes evident that listing items on internet will get maximum exposure and this is probably the quickest way to let others know what you are looking for. You need to first get all the specifications of your machines handy so that when you are listing the item for rent, you put them all in the listing.

Buyers who would be interested in your item would want to know the specification before contacting you. So try and get all the details available like the features of the machine, how long it served you, the and age of the machine. You might as well give an appraised value of the machine which you can know after doing an appraisal from an appraisal company. Putting this lot of information is very important to let others know the condition of your machine and that the price quoted by you is justified. Please mention how to maintain the machine by lubricating its parts at regular intervals and any other clause that you want the person using the machine to adhere.

Putting It On Classifieds In Local Newspapers:-  This is another option which can be used to attract attention of people wanting heavy equipment on rental basis. In order to utilize this option, you first need to recognize the newspaper which has a wider circulation throughout the city. Once you’ve identified the newspaper, get in touch with them and place an ad giving in the price at which you are ready to rent your machine. You may not want to give in the specifications in details as it may not give you enough space to put everything in it. On the contrary, you can leave your contact details so that the prospects can contact you and if possible meet you and check out the machine as well. Meeting your prospect is very important and once that’s done, the deal is more than half done.


Heavy Equipment Training – A Must for Every Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Training – A Must for Every Heavy Equipment Operator

The job of a heavy machine operator is indisputably one of the toughest jobs and one has to be highly skilled and trained to perform his duties with zero errors. They have huge responsibility on their shoulders and understand that any mistake done by them can have serious consequences on the company they work for and simultaneously on others as well. With the advent of technological advancements, things have been made lot simpler for the operators to perform their duties without undergoing an error. However, it takes a great deal of effort and constant learning to understand the technological changes that comes up every now and then and incorporating the changes can at times act as a challenge to these operators. So what makes these men the best in the industry? We would be unearthing this question and will try to put down some facts that speak in volume about the kind of training one has to undergo before becoming a heavy equipment operator.

Ideally, one has to go through rigorous training which includes classroom training of 2 years and on the job training of 3 years. We would be discussing what sort of training they undergo in the 5 years of their learning of heavy machines.

Classroom Session:  This is the initial and perhaps the most important part of their training. Here they are given a brief introduction of the machine and are made acquainted with its parts. It is considered to be the most vital part of the training as the students are given basic understanding of the machines and its properties. If they follow the manuals properly, they will comparatively take less time to understand the concepts and will easily grasp more in the following sessions. Classroom training also involves training on safety measures that needs to be followed on duty. If the teachers can inculcate the importance of safety measures to the students’ right from the base level, they will grow up as a far more responsible operator and will stringently follow the safety codes while performing their duties.

Students are also taught a bit of technical stuff like removing hazardous waste, equipment maintenance and repairing parts of heavy equipments. These things gives the student a better learning of how important it is to keep the machines well maintained and in case of a break down, what they can do to fix the problem (as long as it does not require a technical expert to fix the problem)

On Job Training:  On job training is a level higher than the classroom training. Here, they get a practical approach to all that they have learn in the classroom sessions and may find things to be more interesting as they will get to operate machines (of course under the guidance of an expert). They have to work and study for another 4 years and get themselves acquainted with different types of machines. All their learning’s that they had in the classroom takes a practical approach and things become all the more exciting for them. They can try their hands on machines like bulldozers, excavators and other earth moving machines.


Importance of Heavy Equipment Articles

Importance of Heavy Equipment Articles

For small time contractors who have just begun their business and are often in search of information from different sources, they can always refer to heavy equipment articles that are posted by industry leaders and heavy equipment gurus. They would certainly find great deal of help reading those articles as it contains plenty of information pertaining to what they are looking for. There is not any hard and fast rule to hunt for such stuff on internet. They can as well buy a magazine based on heavy equipment or parts of heavy equipments to get details of their search. These magazines do not cost much and contains a lot of information on machines as well as dealers who deals with such machines. Here you can also know the various time saving and cost effective methods to maintain your machines. Hence buying such books having articles on heavy machineries will always help you getting better control on your machine and therefore subsequently having a better hold on your business. At times, it can also give you ideas of growing your business.

Articles covering different topics of Heavy Equipments training institutes:  Suppose one shows interest in becoming a heavy equipment operator and is seeking information to know if he is eligible with his current educational qualification; the best place for him is to surf the net and read articles written by distinguished writers. There he will get to know the number of institutes in and around his area and also the number of years he needs to spend for the training. He can also know some other avenues involved with it which can help him curve his future for the better. Different authors may have their own view as far as the qualities of education given in different institutes are concerned. However, the reader will have a fair idea regarding which institute he can approach and can roughly estimate the fees he needs to pay to get training that will make him a skilled heavy equipment operator.

Articles covering heavy equipment parts and dealers who deal with them: Right from small time contractors to big construction houses, everybody to a certain extent are dependent on heavy equipments articles to know about the different features available in their machines. These machines at times are working for 24 hours and thus there are high chances of uneven breakdowns. When it is opened up, you get to know that a part of the machine has gone down and needs to be replaced. Here, the research thing comes. You start browsing the net and begin reading articles that speaks on that particular part of the machine and try to know from where you can get it replaced and at what price you can presumably get a new piece. This is all possible by reading some small articles that speaks volumes of the thing you’re concerned. It also helps you know the best dealer in town from where you can buy the stuff. They also write about the different qualities of product available and which one you should buy to give more life to your machine and cause no more interruption in your work.


Forums on Heavy Equipments

Forums on Heavy Equipments

A person newly entering into the construction business needs to know a lot about machines. Though, he would have some knowledge plus experience with these machines, still he would want to see people’s comments and their experiences with heavy equipments. He would perhaps want a forum where people having dealt with heavy equipments write their experiences and also provide their valuable feedbacks for others to read and eventually helps others to take a call. Unquestionably, he would get to learn a lot from such forums where people from all age groups come up and share their thoughts on machines.

Here, we would be talking about how important these forums are for a new guy entering the industry and what should one take from these forums.

One can put down their question:  For a person starting a fresh may have tons of questions revolving in his mind, desperate to search for an answer. In such a scenario, he has limited alternatives. He can either go to google and key in the stuff he wants to know or can just enter a forum where he puts up his questions to people having being dealing with machines for good number of years. He is very much likely to get answers that will satisfy his quest and will perhaps help him take a decision. He also gets the option to cross question if he finds the answer to be little strange. Different people have different opinions about a machine which at times may leave the questioner in a state of ambiguity. In order to clear the air, he can cross question and can expect a satisfactory reply.

Distinguished personalities:  This is one of the most important reasons why people end up going in a forum to get answers for their questions. They are aware that they will be answered by people who have been in the industry for long and has relevant experience dealing with such machines. So whatever they will speak, it will be mostly on the basis of their experiences which can be relied upon to a greater extent. Sharing their personal thoughts could be quite interesting as they may speak about the challenges they have faced and what they did to come out of it. This undoubtedly will work as some good learning for young brains and their understanding will get clearer leaving no scope for any sort of confusion.

Similarity Scores:  Most forums have a tool which indentifies similar replies given by different people and set scores to their replies. This indicates the common viewpoint being shared by others on the same question. In other words, it shows how many of the users think alike and feels the same about a particular question/issue. It ultimately helps the questioner to come to a conclusion and based on the similarity score can judge the authenticity of the answer. Some users only read the feedback of people having high similarity score. It often reflects the thought of others in their answer and thus saves time going through the feedback posted by other users.

How important is to keep your heavy machines well maintained

If you want your machine to deliver the same kind of performance year after year, you got to make sure you keep it well maintained. These heavy machines go through a lot of stuff all day and if not maintained properly could show signs of wreckage which will ultimately cost the owner dearly. Thus it becomes highly imperative to take utmost care of your machines that plays a significant role in nurturing and giving a good shape to your business. Here, we would be talking in depth about how important it is to keep the heavy machines well maintained and how does it result in increasing the productivity.

Proper maintenance leads to unwanted wreckage:  Heavy machineries are undoubtedly way too expensive and often digs a deep hole in the pocket of the buyer. The buyer would definitely want the machine to work as long as it can; for which he need to ensure that the machine is taken care of. These heavy machines have to go through a lot of strenuous work on a daily basis. As a result there are high chances of dust particles getting stuck inside the machine which if not removed in time can lead to unwanted wreckage. They need to be oiled properly and if required, change faulty parts of the machines with newer ones. Doing all these at regular intervals will make sure that they keep functioning for years without giving much trouble to its owner.


High productivity:  While in business, what you want the most? I’m pretty sure, you want to see your balance sheet showing good profits and that’s going to happen when you have machines which are not prone to breakdowns. You want machines which can work for more hours and eventually increases the productivity. This is possible if some good care is taken of the machines and are maintained well at times they are not at work.

Train your employees:  This is a very important point one can’t afford to skip. It is your employees who are directly handling the machines and they need to be sure they are operating it the right way. You can’t expect an unskilled person to operate a heavy machine with ease and if your employee does not know to run it correctly, your machines are in deep trouble. Thus, it is very critical to train your employees and make them familiar with the machines they would be operating. Regular training sessions should be conducted to upgrade their knowledge pertaining to the machines which will help them to understand the technicalities of the machine and if there happens to be a breakdown, they would be in a position to fix it on their own.

Proper maintenance ensures safety:  There has been many incidents where the workers have lost their lives or have got critically injured due to heavy machine breaking down in the mid. Well, you cannot blame the machines for the debacle. It was in good order when it got delivered to you. However, due to overlooking the maintenance thing, employee’s safety is jeopardized.

We have discussed some of the critical points which imply the importance of maintaining heavy machineries and ensuring that they are in good order at all times.

Companies That Produce Heavy Equipment

Companies That Produce Heavy Equipments

Big machines were undoubtedly the inventions of big ideas and if we dig deep in the history of these machines, we will find many people who started by thinking of an idea and later gave it a form and brought the machines in the market. They saw their own ups and downs and fought the odds with valour, not even the strongest of the storm was able to pin them down which eventually made them successful in their lives and kept their company in a fortified state. We would be discussing about some companies that started with a small idea, believed in it principles and moved inch by inch towards success.

Caterpillar Equipments:  Caterpillar was found by the Holt brothers, Charles Holt and Benjamin Holt in the year 1883 in California and only in the year 1904, they successfully produced their first commercial caterpillar tractor and it started selling like hot cakes. Since then, they have made a lot of innovative changes in the machine that made it more user friendly and technologically advanced for the farmers to complete their work lot sooner. Numerous gadgets have been set up inside the machine which helps the operator to check if everything is in his control and if there happens to be a break down in the system, he knows about it in advance and can take preventive measures to avoid a hassle.

They had also set up their branches all across the globe to expand their reach and increase their customer base. It was only in the year 1950 that they open their first overseas subsidiary in Great Britain after which they moved into many other countries. They realized that their products are not just for the people of their country but it has a global demand and they foresaw some great opportunities in the global markets which took them to countries other than US. However in the year 2001, Caterpillar stopped producing tractors used for agriculture. They are currently into variety of heavy equipments ranging from excavators to bulldozers and continuously upgrading their system and making it more and more user friendly.

John Deere:  John Deere is another such personality who has dared to dream big and is now one of the major producers to heavy equipments. It is giving strong competition to Caterpillar in all types of machines. One good thing about John Deere’s products is that they introduce us to quality. Their machines are unique when it comes to quality and they like their competitors have left no stone unturned in introducing new ideas and bringing in new technology for the welfare of the user. John Deere’s bulldozers are said to be the finest as far as its quality and durability is concerned.

Deer’s product after gaining several achievements in their home county started moving out of their shell and that worked good with them. They are now a world renowned brand and major construction house rely on their products. These are few examples which have made their name in the heavy machinery industry and are still in the process of achieving new heights in the future.

Caterpillar Motor Graders or John Deere Motor Graders – Which one is the best

Caterpillar Motor Graders or John Deere Motor Graders – Which one is the best

If you have taken up the work to construct roads or to level the surface of land, you definitely need a Motor grader to get the job done. Graders are particularly used to level the surface of land with the help of a blade which is situated at the middle bottom of the machine. The graders are also used for building V-shaped on highways for drainage. A grader is multi functional equipment that can be used for several reasons like clearing off snow from the road or during landslides; it helps to take off the mud from the road. It can also be used for earth moving. Knowing its versatility, it has now become an all-in-one machine. Though, you can’t expect it to do everything for you as it also has its limitations, it still has the capability to outshine other machines in its genre.

There are several companies that manufactures quality Graders and out of them, we have companies like Caterpillar and John Deere that has shown their metal and subsequently has made it to the top. We would be talking in brief about the features and utility of both the companies and understand which amongst them is the toughest.

Caterpillar Graders:  Caterpillar is famous for producing machines that are good at their job; highly productive, low consumption of fuel and most importantly do not cost a fortune to its buyer. They manufacture 2 types of Graders. One is the standard Grader which is used for building roads and for levelling land at various construction sites and the other is used exclusively for mining purposes. Mining Graders are tougher than the standard ones but perform the same kind of activity of levelling the surface and paving roads. These machines have a horsepower that varies from 128 to 540 horsepower. Higher horsepower machines are required to carry more stuff with them and generate high speed when required. They are also required at locations where they have to climb steep inclines that particularly needs more power and it’s not feasible for machines with lower horsepower. Caterpillar Graders have broad blades which helps the machine to grade a good portion of material at one go. This saves more time and gets the work done quickly.

John Deere Graders:  John Deere Graders is an exceptionally powerful machine which has 6 cylinder engines and can produce outstanding power that keeps the machine rock solid and can be used in extreme rough terrain. These Graders has four reverse and eight forwards gears and can speed up to 22 miles per hour moving forward and 7 miles per hour moving backwards. One of the most phenomenal feature of this machine is it has a blade that can rotate 360 degrees and has a diameter of 4’5”.  It can also move up to 1 foot above the ground. It can hold fuel of up to 50 gallons and the oil tank can hold fuel up to 3 gallons. Overall, it’s a machine that possesses its own distinguished feature and has earned market credibility due to its sheer performance and low maintenance cost.